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Bootleg Fireworks

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by [FLUX], Jul 14, 2011.

  2. ...

    This would be the guy that Eddie Murphy was on about when it was kids going absolutely ****ing mental that the Mr Whippy van was coming.

    "I got the ice cream, and you don't got the ice cream
    'cos yo Daddy's in the prison, an yo Momma's on the welfare!"
  3. I lol'd.
  4. Did look pretty cool
  5. Only the internet can provide this much funny. Gold FLUX.
  6. ..... well, they certainly did their job!!....8-[
  7. Hallelujah! He almost sounded like a preacher.
  8. hmmm...

  9. more firework hilarity:

  10. .... well that's different!!... sticking a rocket up your own arse!!...:-k
  11. Hahaha, he panicked and clenched - a Rocket III wouldn't have escaped his butt-cheeks!