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Boot Touched

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RobE, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Simple pleasures are the best and if I can't tell my fellow riders, who can I tell?

    I know that most of you corner so tight you regularly grind through a set of pegs but it was a special thing for me:

    Coming around the roundabout into my street everything just went really smoothly and I was so far over my boot edge just kissed the tar.

    What a hoot! It was lucky that my big grin did not crack open the helmet.

  2. :LOL: well done. i think most of us can remember that moment too :) just remember not to aim for that though. if your boot catches too much, you'll be in trouble :p

    have fun riding :)
  3. yep it a great feeling isn't it, why funny you should bring this up, a mate and myself specifically went out on sunday afternoon to see if we could drag a few parts too....ended up only being able to grind boots too :LOL:
  4. shouldnt you be grinding pegs before boots?
  5. There's a turn off near my place with a perfect camber where I always drag a knee. It makes me happy.
  6. nah when you lazy and don't have your the ball of your foot on the peg your boots over hangs and touchs down first... oh yeah and no peg feelers either :wink:
  7. If your boots are touching before your pegs, you are doing something wrong. Put your toes up on the pegs when in the twisties/cornering brisky, unless you want to catch your foot and stack it sometime.
  8. read the posts he was riding through a roundabout, normal foot position if fine and i was trying to drag, foot & peg and exhaust and everything :)
  9. I've almost worn away the front of two Sidi boots doing that mid-corner. I don't know why - I always rest the balls of my feet on the footpegs, so the toes should not be extended much past the footpegs. Whatever the reason, it's an error in my riding style, and I'd like to correct it if only to save the cost of having to buy more boots.
  10. Which Sidi boot do you have? Most sports riding boots have replaceable sliders.
  11. I wore through them, and through most of the leather. The sole is starting to come away :LOL:
  12. Couldn't you have just replaced the toe sliders?
  13. I've tried scraping the pegs on the GPX on the ground, the tyres give out before i get that far. :(

    Not a fun feeling having the front wheel judder across the road while trying to find something it can hold onto.

    Been lazy with my boot and scraped it a couple times though.