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Boot Review Question

Discussion in 'Boots' at netrider.net.au started by Rattus Norvegicus, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Darlings, these are a rather splendid product - while they are not my colour of choice I do have a rather consuming passion for them.....

    Sweeties can an individual such as I, express my thoughts on them.
    Is it allowable to acknowledge where one might acquire them at a more reasoned price?


  2. US online store.

    And I'll have 2 of whatever you're on thanks.
  3. They are very good boots, my girlfriend picked them up at the Peter Stevens clearance centre for a very low $320 - but she was just very lucky and there were the only pair who happened to be in her size.
  4. ill just have the one, he's been like this for about a week so if he's still not comin down, ill have half now and half later
  5. Sweetie.......actually no UK $460 deposited at your doorstep, although I am a fan of that delectable Brian's delivery technique.......

    Darling rest assured that pharmaceutical's and I longer share the synergy that we once had...........sullies the mind......unlike some, paranoia and I never enjoyed a comforting embrace.
  6. which store?
  7. My dear Lilley nothing would give me greater pleasure than the divulgence of the fore mentioned "Race Leathers" through their egay based site.....
  8. cheers.

    Unusual that a store with that name would not stock the big name brands.
  9. i do share your fetish for sidis, but those ones are a little bothersome when ones in a rush.
    because you have to close the three clips, four if you count the REAR.
    even with fingers as supple and fine as your own my dear, there is high chance you could break a nail.
    other than that they are a fine boot indeed.

    now, let me indulge your request in the sincerest hope i can fulfill your fantasy.
    however, you will require a size 45 or 46 feet and a love of all things pure and white.
    i must add, their shipping costs are less than favourable, so do factor that in to overall cost, but i think you may still come out ON TOP.


    oh and > http://www.x-rates.com/calculator.html

    anything else i can do for you hon, just whistle..
    it's easy, you just put your lips together and blow xxx
  10. Oh how delicious, your judgements are delightfully astute. Sweetie I have never been enamoured of the "Boot in Boot" style favoured by many.......
    I adore the availability of the spare parts in particular the sole.
    Yes the tensioning system can create a degree of chagrin....but I would urge patience, after all it brings it's own reward.

    What a thoroughly cheeky monkey you are.........
  11. I rate gaerns. Comfortable and only one large velcro slab until your foots out. very easy to open up a bit to ventilate when doing other things then riding.
  12. I've just bought two pairs of Sidis.
    One goretex lined, B2, and the other perforated, vertigo.
    Tried on the ones pictured, vertice? found them a bit of a pain to get on, very comfortable though.
    The cheepest prices for Sidi boots I found to be from Germany.
    The exchange rate is very good at the moment and they seem to have more reasonable postage than from the USA. Got a quote from a US store I have used before because of their good prices, but they were not able to match the German prices. The best they could do was $35 more.
    Most of the German sellers on ebay have a "make an offer" option.
    Offered 30 euro less than asking price and got that on both prs of boots, bought at seperate times.
    Postage was 40 euro.
  13. I just bought a pair of Sidi Vertigos from www.kneedraggers.com, I first went to MCA in Auburn to check the size, cant wait till they arrive! :D
  14. What as the postage price from kneedraggers?
  15. boots were $300US, shipping about $60US, so around $380AU all up