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Boot recommendations

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by emmz01, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I start riding this weekend as a first timer, looking at riding boots but there are so many to choose from.

    What is a good all round riding boot that's comfy, not too chunky & that you can still walk in easily?



  2. I've round DriRider and MotoDry boots to be quite comfortable. Also Rossi have a reasonable range.

    But like with any foot ware you are better off trying on as many different brands and models as you can and then buying the ones you find most comfortable.
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  3. Livign in Adelaide, are you going to ride year-round? Consider more than one set of boots/footwear.

    Waterproof, warm boots will be too hot for a SA summer.

    Ventillated boots/footwear are harder to come by, but well worth it.
  4. I would recommend a waterproof pair for winter and ventilated pair for summer. It sucks having wet socks and sweaty feet aren't much more comfortable either.

    For days that aren't too hot or cold I just wear my normal leather boots, they're pretty sturdy.
  5. There you go unanimous decision
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    Go into the shop and try every boot they have, then chose the best one for you.

    Just get a boot and when its hot use moisture wicking socks and when it is cold use wooly socks.
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  7. Definitely try on as many as you can get your hands on. The fit varies quite a lot between brands and models. I wear "adventure" boots, tougher than road boots and not nearly as heavy as MX boots, but that's got a lot to do with where and what I ride. Pick boots that are appropriate for your situation. Road boots, adventure boots and MX boots are all different. MX boots in particular are wholly inappropriate for road riding while road boots don't give you nearly enough protection for crashing through branches and getting rocks spat up at you from your front wheel. I spent more money that I really wanted to on them because I am really fond of the whole "walking" thing.

    Don't be lead to believe that elastic sided boots, like regular work boots, will give you an ounce of protection in a crash. They don't. Damn things just pull straight off your feet and can take part of your foot with them. If they slip on and especially if they slip off, do NOT wear them while riding. A quick google image search for "motorcycle foot injury" will leave you gagging, and almost all of them are easily preventable with decent boots.
  8. Really? I have but one pair of boots that I use all year round, and I'll guarantee we have colder winters than Adelaide and our summers are just as hot.
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  9. Assuming you are replying to me:

    I meant for her to pick ONE set of boots that suit her and her situation, not eleven sets "just in case". Given Em rides a CBR I'd guess that road boots would be most appropriate.
    I only have the one set of bike boots I use year round as well.
  10. As has been stated, what ever fits and feels the best, i purchased my first pair 8 months ago, RST TracTech's, comfy as hell, spent gp weekend walking round in em, have held beautfuly, no issues at all, and were only $180 from PS in dandy, would imagine they have them in adelaide.
  11. Sorry misunderstood/misread what you wrote.
  12. Yep, that's your choice. I lived in Canberra until a few years ago, and had summers and winters basically same temp as you in Wagga (actually no - winters a fair bit colder than Wagga). And I was much more comfortable wearing different boots for different seasons.

    Can you "get away" with wearing one pair of boots year-round? Sure. Do you win any hero points for being less-confortable than wearing the right gear for the right season?
  13. Meh. No drama. I'll have to ride down there one day just to share a coffee and shoot the shyte with you.

    My wife, of course, would likely end up with six different sets of boots ... to match the destination ... or some crap. :banghead:
  14. I can all but guarantee I am no less comfortable than you.
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  15. Yes indeed, or (when I have money) I should trip up there.

    It's strange, but bike boots are the only foot ware my wife doesn't have multiples of, in fact she doesn't own a pair of bike boots, she just wears hiking boots.
  16. Well at least they shouldn't pull off in a spill. (y)
  17. preferably id prefer a year round boot that is comfortable, good wearing & can be used in both hills riding and daily commute :)
  18. She crashed at 100kmh, flipped the bike (at least once) and her feet were fine. Her worst injuries were basically confined to a broken scaffoid and a 'stener lesion' and a bit of 'bark' missing from her knee.
  19. There's tons of them in a huge variety of styles and price ranges. Just spend some time trying them on, tell the sales people what you want, and you'll find something that suits you.
  20. One thing you have to remember is that no boot is going to be 100% waterproof by itself.

    As I said try on a heap of different brands and styles and buy the one you like the most.