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Boot recommendation?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Kersh96, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. Hi all. can any of you recommend a pair of boots that is good for riding on the road and at the track?

  2. Do you need to walk around? Track boots are generally not designed for much flexibility and have very thin soles.
    How much do you want to spend?
  3. Ones that fit.

    Do you have to walk in them? For track, ankle bracing is good, for walking it's crap.
  4. im willing to pay anything for the boots. I don't really need to walk around in them
  5. Then go to a shop and try on the blingiest looking boots on the shelf. I use daises but preferred my old a-stars cause its a wider fit. My daineses cut circulation. I couldn't get sidis on.

    Try dome on, leave them on for s while and try and put your foot in a riding position.
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  6. Thanks for that. Ill definitely go try a pair on.
  7. i also find Astars fit a wider foot. I have the SMX 6 Goretex for touring and also for the track. Obviously their not ideal for full on track use but they do the job for now.
  8. I have Alpinestars SMX Plus. Mainly for road with the occasional training day at a track. Good boots. If I was doing more track I'd get the Alpinestars Supertech R's.
  9. I've worn A* SMX-5 for years, just got a new pair for my Birthday a few weeks ago. my last pair lasted 6 years including one small stack where the bike low-sided on my lower leg/ankle- protected very well.
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    Hi All,

    Again, need to buy all my gear, including boots.

    I was initially drawn to short boots / riding shoes as they would appear to be the easiest to walk around in.

    For a learner, would it be better to invest in some sport boots (i.e A* SMX 6) rather than the short/shoe style? I read another NR member's post saying that he/she knew an ambulance guy who said if riders wore proper boots, some of the injuries he/she had seen may have been prevented with proper boots.

    No idea how much walking I'll be doing, more so just after protection without being excessive.

    A hybrid such as these interest me.

    Alpinestars SMX-1 R Boots

    Will be wearing with jeans.
  11. went from alpinestars smx6 to my sidi b2 and the sidi boots are on a different league quality and comfort is a lot better

    go boots mate if you don't want boots and want something like the smx1 might aswell wear your nikes and save money.. Just think about your ankle if you come off
  12. To wear with jeans, you might do better with a touring type boot.
    They aren't so bulky and creaky as the race type boots and look a bit more like regular boots.
    I have RJays Tour AM and have been very happy with them. They look a bit like A* SMX-1 you've linked to above, but they are a full boot with ankle and shin coverage.
  13. I got a pair of these


    a month or so ago for my winter boots and quite like them. Made of fake leather but are waterproof and CE rated. Full price is around $270 in Aus. Have an aging pair of Alpinestar SMX Plus for warmer/drier weather.

    Sizing is a bit funny so try them on rather than but on line. It also take a while for them to soften but comfy when they do.
  14. I wear Dainese TRQ Goretex. They provide solid protection for the road and I've worn them all day long without any issues.

    I've used them at the track but if you're going to get serious with it, then you may need something a bit more hardcore. I have an old pair of Alpinestars Supertech R's that seem to be rather comfortable to wear and walk around in.

    I'd give the basketball style boots a miss. In my mind, you either protect yourself properly or you don't. There are no half measures.
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  16. Hi,

    Assume you will be commuting if you are thinking about a short boot: and want to be able to walk around.

    My 2 cents is get a full boot something Like a Sidi Cobra is not a bad entry level boot with reasonable protection for the $. I had a pair on during a small off last year where the bike landed on my ankle and lower leg, no way to tell but I do not think I would have been just hobbling to the side of the road if I had a short boot on.

    Let us know when you have narrowed the field down a bit more and a bit of a description about the sort of ridding you will be doing and we can offer some better advice.

    Cheers Jem
  17. Hey JemJem, no commuting, just recreational riding so walking around isn't a top priority.

    Protection is the aim with the ability to maybe use at the track for rider training as I progress.
  18. I was going to buy the Alpinestars SMX Plus recently but they didn't fit real well when I tried them on. Tried on the Supertechs and glad I did as they are awesome. I'm mainly just street riding and I have a few pairs of boots to choose from but I don't find the Supertechs to be difficult to walk around in really.
  19. Thanks for all the help everyone. Settled on the Alpinestars SMX 6, based on fit and reviews online.

    Tried on a couple of different brands at MCAS and the SMX 6 was the only one at that price point that fit (Size 39).

    No worries thus far wearing with Draggin Jeans. Very comfortable and easy to walk in also.

    One thing I'm struggling to get used to is the heal and how it interacts with the footpeg (did my learners in casual shoes). Slowly getting used to it but still need a bit of practice. Similarly, the gear shift area in the toe is much stiffer than my casual shoes so need to get used to the feel of that also.

    All in all, so far so good!
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  20. When you're just cruising, you can put the arch of your foot on the peg and rest the front of the heel behind it. But when you are riding faster/harder and doing a lot of cornering, get the balls of your feet on the pegs, otherwise you'll scrape your toes/boots on corners.
    Yes, boots are far more rigid that street shoes, it takes a little while to get the feel of the controls with them when new.
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