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booorrredd.... need to go out more... acting old....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. :shock: yep acting years beyond my station.... So in order to get disgracful again, what are the websites promoting dance / rave / other wise hard pounding dance till 4am go home drenched sites.... Yesss I need to listen to some wicked beats...

    Websites please... the only one i can remember was a tazzie one from the darkages freshdico.com.au or sommtingles of my tas night life :roll:

    BTW fark it is cold on the goldcoast tonight... I'm going to have to break out the hot water bottle and electric blanket! My tired old bones

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  2. Wardie, you are getting soft mate
  3. fark... Wait... hang on you haven't seen me with out my shirt on.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Getting soft no... losing to much weight and swimming too much for that. Plus for the first time in a 2 years or so I am feeling good / free again so i want to head out more... Problem is most of the people I head out with or are invited out with are my brothers rugby and footy mates... :roll:

    Dont get me wrong their great blokes but there are only so many times you can hear " i wish all the ladies" or my personal fav "I used to work Chicago the old department store" between shots of what ever that was and listening to cock rock... :LOL: :LOL:

    ahhh give me a ripping tearing beat... hardcore / break beat jungle and or psytrance damn it I'm not fussy, 10 / 40 or 150 people dancing in a dark room with me drowning my redbull vodkas as if i was dying of thirst... :!:

    i miss that... and here i am on the goldcoast within spitting distance of surfers and i know 0% of clubs...
  4. :?: :grin:

  5. hey wardie. been a while since i was ravin. but check out inthemix.com.au for a quick rund down on whats around. is heaps ahppening this weekend cause of the long weekend. (last for ages) is where i used to catch up on all my dance gigs. had a few photos on there as well :p crazy fun nights!
  6. You want internet radio, do you? This is what I used to listen to until I married a superstar DJ :wink: I liked this one as there is a variety, but its GOOD variety and quality sounds (or was a couple of years ago, anyway :p )


    There was another one, but I can't remember what it was called.

    HTH your desire for bopping :wink:

  7. Hey Ward...

    Unfortunately GC isnt really reknowed for its "raving"...
    i know of a "dayclub" from 7am onwards sort of across from Q1 heading towards Cavill...

    I lived there a while ago but im trying to remember some places...

    To really go hard, you'll prob have to come down to PHD in Melb or Hard Kandy in Syd :)

    Good luck though :)

  8. ahahhahahah ah ahs ah ha hah aa .... i think i just coughed / laughed up my lung.... WELDONE KLUTU!!!! kudos.
  9. mmmn melb... fond memories of house parties followed by mad nights.
  10. No Wardie.. you don't need a rave club, you need... a BIKE!!!!
  11. true to go with my new draggins?
  12. What's going on Wardie?
    You need to move to Brisbane with us my friend- you are missing out on the social life! :LOL:
    I am old but acting young- maybe we could revive the young man in you!
    You could join us for the 'trying every kind of alcohol imaginable' event on State of Origin nights.... soon have plenty of music going on in your head! :LOL:
    (I just hope QLD doesn't win by too much- those Cowboy shots for every try go straight to my head!)
  13. CC's? nope i'f i'm getting pasterised its jamersons and lemonade all night.. I'f i'm "dancing" frog in a blender style its redbull or v and vodka... insulin dependacy be damned.
  14. Jesus BM, what does that make me?

    Can someone put a dictionary of the phrases used up too..... I really don't understand some of the words used here. :?
  15. Tip for you Tramp....
    just pretend even if you don't know. It makes you appear younger, and sooner or later someone will drop a hint and you will know exactly what they are talking about. :wink:
    (Just don't use the words 'Can you speak up Sonny?'. That is a dead give away!) :p
  16. www.inthemix.com.au

    hehehhe eheh eh ahhah aha ah ahhaa!!!!! :twisted: and... well there aint sh!t on. :cry:

    damnit oh well... the shots are on black magic... :wink:
  17. Double post
  19. [/quote]
    You've got all the right moves haven't you? :LOL:

  20. Oh geez, Tramp. When you want to flatter a women you give her like 11 out of 10, or 12 out of 10.

    25 is just ridiculous...