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Boom Gates on the West Gate (Melb)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Flipper, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. Heading over to Williamstown on Saturday night, we noticed these boom gates at both ends of the West Gate Bridge. Anyone care to shed some light on what they are for?

  2. Probably an attempt to ease congestion on the bridge?
  3. Dunno, i thought the lower speed limits covered that. These boom gates go right across the Freeway and they also have them on the exits from the Todd Rd service stations.
  4. Oh! Those have been there for years, right? I think I remember them... But yeah, I think they're to keep traffic off the bridge in the event of an accident, etc.
  5. I dunno, maybe they have and I have just never noticed them.
  6. Thats my understanding - accident, bridge collapse, extreme wind and terrorist threat.
  7. The boom gates are for the recently announced train line they are building to cross the WGB. Apparently there will be 20 trains per hour crossing the freeway even in peak times. The Bracks Government is looking into the possible delays it might cause during peak times but like the Eastlink project isn't expecting a major voter backlash :rofl:

    Seriously, they are there to allow VicRoads to shut down the bridge in case of a serious accident or other problem (did someone say terrorism) so we don't get more and more vehicles piling onto the bridge making the problem worse.
  8. I recall the original reason was in the event of terrorist attack these could be used for whatever reason.


    From a quick google, http://newsstore.fairfax.com.au/apps/browseArchive.ac?sy=nstore&cls=19540

    Boom gates to block West Gate
    BOOM gates will be installed on West Gate Bridge approaches by the end of the month to block the bridge in the event of a serious accident or terrorist attack.
    The Age 18/01/2006
  9. Thanx for the info guys.
  10. Terrorism....

    Seen everywhere since 11/9/2001
  11. Heh, Posted 9:11 am

    I see the irony of that ;)
  12. The boom gate that has been there forever is the small one that opens to allow the Recovery Vehicle onto the bottom of the bridge where it stands by.

    If it isn't required it goes back down that path and back to the monitoring centre.
  13. And here was me thinking that they were putting boom gates in so that when they get around to putting in that tunnel they're planning they can force everyone to use that during peak hour (and pay a toll).
  14. They were installed in the leadup to the comm games.


  15. Ok now how many actually remember paying a toll on the bridge when it was opened?
  16. Yep, can remember throwing the coins in the bucket on the way through. Didn't use the bridge too often in those days as before the Ring Road went in it was way easier to get into town on the Calder & Tulla from my part of the world.
  17. yep, threw the coins in the bucket also.
    Luckily a few years later they removed the toll and since I use it everyday thank god for that.
  18. It started off at $0.60c? and you had the option of tossigng them into the white opaque white coin hoppers and paying a driod