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Boom Chooks

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Benny Boy, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. I mentioned in my intro that i haven't been riding for about three months due to a crash in early January. I hope this is where i can explain.

    It happened the day before i was meant to be in Melbourne to catch the ferry to Tassie. I was going south along Grampains Road where i met an emu. I saw this emu and slowed down only to be 'ambushed' by his friend coming from the other side of the road. It looked as if he was going to turn back to the side of the road and i would swerve around to miss him.

    Unfortuanlty he turned back infront of me and i collected him head on.

    The bike was damaged and I was feeling OK untill the adrenaline wore off as I was lying in Hamilton Hospial. Found out two weeks later that I had broken a decent chip off the ball joint in my right humerus as well as a crack in the ball joint of my left humerus, as well as damage to ligaments and muscles in both shoulders.

    Locals told me this road is populated with wild life.
  2. Wow, that's not humerus at all!

    Sorry... couldn't resist...

    How are you fairing up now? What sort of bike were you on? And you were riding from QLD to Tassie? Big feat man, that would have been wicked good!

    I'm always worried I'll come off due to an animal running onto the road infront of me out in the middle of nowhere.
  3. Hope things are a bit better now.

    What happened to the emu?
  4. Nearly happened to me, going round a nice sweeping bend in the dark, a damn ibis was on the road. I dodged one way, he went the other....but then came back! JUST missed.

    I also collected a wallaby with my foot once, I had maybe $1.40 in change as I was green and too chicken to match the $1.60 that the girl in front of me had. Ironically if I did have $1.60 I wouldn't have collected the wallaby.
  5. Ah yes the Emus of Halls Gap are legendarily stupid regarding roads. I almost collected one myself up there on the Silverband rd. It rang alongside me on the road for a while before it crashed off in the bush, I was lucky. Glad you are ok.
  6. I haven't heard that pun yet, I like it.

    Part of the reason for heading to Tassie was to attend a youth camp as a leader. I made it to the camp, (the day after the crash) where they reminded everyday in funny ways about the emu. I thought it was a great thing as sometimes you have to laugh to get through it.

    I'm nearly good now aside from a few sharp pains in the shoulders when i move in certain ways. The most obvious signs are the friction burn scars on my knees as well as a few joints that click when i move.

    I was on a Suzuki Boulevard M50 and yes i was planning to go all the way from the Bunya Mountains QLD, all the way to Southport TAS and back again. The days when i was riding were fantastic and i hope to share them soon.

    I had ecounterd emus coming into Halls Gap but they kept their distance. I still find cows the scariest. They are solid, and you never know if they are going to run away, kick out or charge as you go past. Horn seemed to work the best.
  7. I had a peacock run out in front me the other day...

    What happened to the emu? Did it get up and run away? Or did you write it off :( ?
  8. Oh, forgot that one. I thought he ran away at first because all i found was a pile of feathers.

    I found him dead and mangled in a drainage ditch on the side of the road about 15-20m futher on.
  9. Not only that, they've been known to slink off over a fence after they set boobytraps for ya.....ask Goz:rolleyes:
  10. I thought i was an imitator.

    The Paramedic in the back of the ambulance with me said he had attended another crash involving another rider and an emu.
    The emu had gone over the top of the bike and killed the rider. Needless to say i spent most of the day in hospital considering why i didn't share this riders fate.

    I also met up with another emu victim when i was shopping around for a new bike. She was one of the sales assistants at the Breakfast Creek BMW.

    She told me the emu ran out in front of her but it seemed as if the emu would make it to the other side of the road and she would be able to ride past with little swerving involved. The emu decided at the last minute that it would stop in the middle of the road. The emu was hit as she came off. Can't remember what she said happened to the emu, but her injuries were similar to mine.