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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Jafu, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Tank mounted camera view of another great gippsland road

    Mirboo North to Boolarra video, (biggish file dialup users beware)


  2. Very nice Dave, good stuff. I've added that to my list of 'roads before i die'.
    Led Zeppelin - Old school.
    One of the few bands that can provide a song as long as a road. :cool:

  3. Why did you slow the video down to 3/4's speed?

    [Edit: Took me a while to figure it out, but yeah, looks to be 3/4's speed]
  4. Cathar, it's not slowed down, I was just cruising 80-100k. :)
    I had not been there before so a little cautious, plus there was some great gravel traps in some of the corners.
  5. Hmmm, forgive me. No offense intended. During my playback I had frame hopping like it had been frame compressed to alter the playback speed. It really did look like you had altered the play speed.
  6. Nice piece of road not a lot of traffic, will definitely have to give that a go, thanks, kev. :wink:
  7. AHHAAHAHAHA....ohhhhhhh burn!
  8. If he hasn't been slowing his down Stew, does that mean you've been speeding yours up? :rofl:

  9. :grin: I had my reasons for suspecting. I have a video of me doing the exact same road (posted it up here about a month back). I've ridden with Jafu and he's not a slow rider even when he's being conservative. I looked at the time I took to traverse the same start/end points (oddly enough, almost wholly at between 80-100kph as well), fudged a bit of a factor based upon what I've seen of the differences between he and I, and still arrived at a time in which he would've made the same distance in 3/4's the time as shown in the video.

    I still personally suspect that it's been slowed down, but I'm willing to nod my head and say "It's not" in public since that's what Jafu says. :wink:
  10. Either that, or my brain is still racing from the track day at PI on Thursday, and even 100kph feels like I could walk faster in comparison at the moment. :p
  11. I have the same problem coming back from the twisties, doing the speed limit feels like I'm going to fall over from going too slow.

  12. Having play this vid again and compared it to the unedited version, I have a feeling your right Stew. It does come up alot slower. Definately not intentional

    Oh well back to the drawing board :)
  13. Hehe, I love that road.
    I can see where I hit the rabbit, and the magpie.....
    Joyous times....

    And you're right about the gravel.....scary.
  14. Nice one Jafu!

    Would have liked the non music version... I like to hear the bike, noise and just where the throttle get's rolled on!!
  15. Great stuff Jafu. I was taking note of your position on the road. As we previously discussed I like to make use of the entire lane, switching to left for an upcoming r/h corner and right for l/h corner.. Makes life in the twisties easier. Learnt much of that off you. :)
  16. What camera are you using to film that?
    Im looking into getting one soon but would not have a clue what im looking at and ive seen some really poor quality vids out there. I would like good quality like this vid.
  17. grim32

    If your going to get a still camera besure to check that it takes long video's as a lot of them will only take 30 sec to 1 minute video's and then stop to be restarted.


    Nice quiet road to ride on and a good video to watch
  18. Just need to do a little research. Here were my reasons for choosing the camera that I did.

    I have a Casio EX-S600. The latest model is the EX-S770. If you're going with the Casio brand, you specifically want the S models, not the far more common Z models. The S models encode into MPEG4 format to the storage card. The biggest advantage with the Casio over other makes is their slim and compact size. They are called "Card Cameras" and the name truly fits. They are small, being about the same height and width as a credit card, and are about as thick as 12 credit cards stacked. (~2cm thick). This makes the camera extremely easy to slip into any pocket that could otherwise hold a small wallet.

    The Casio S cameras can take up to 2GB SD cards, which cost around the $100 mark. This allows for 68 minutes of non-stop near-DVD quality (640x480x30fps) video recording. In medium quality mode (picture quality is a little grainy, but otherwise decent for low action scenes), a 2GB card will hold up to 127 minutes (2hrs7mins) of footage at 640x480x30fps, and the camera is capable of recording that all non-stop - no need to restart.

    The camera also has a long-record mode, being 320x240x15fps (typical Internet video quality and frame rate), and a 2GB card will hold 6hrs of footage, although the battery will run out around every 2hrs20mins and need replacing/recharging in this mode.

    The replacable rechargable battery (which recharges in-camera when you plug it into the computer camera dock without having to remove the battery from the camera) holds enough charge for around 140 mins (2hrs20mins) of recording time.
  19. Sorry I havn't answered your question Grim 32, been in tassie :grin:

    The Video camera I use is a "Panasonic NV-GS27" recording onto digital video tape. Which run for 1 hour.

    It is of the older variety, but it does not stop due to harmonic vibrations from the bike, as dvd and hdd versions do.

    The camera is mounted on an aluminium mounting using the fuel cap holding bolts to secure it