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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by halifax, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I have some spare time on my hands at the moment, with a decrease in uni work so was thinking about working on my reading skills.

    Can anyone suggest any good reads, generally i like books on (non fiction) crime e.g. including bikie gangs and the like.
  2. Can recommend 2 books by Esther Mackay - she was one of the first forensic police officers in NSW and worked around Campbelltown / Macquarie Fields etc.

    I think her first one is "Crime Scene Investigator" (can't find it in my library atm)
    Second one is Forensic Investigator.

    One of her major investigations was in relation to the 2 young boys who disappeared and were found inside the Pheasants Nest bridge (late '80's I think) - crossing that bridge brings a tear to my eye as her writing is very descriptive.
  3. Iceman confessions of a mafia hitman is a great read
  4. cheers guys, think ill give the mafia one a go as ive actually heard of that one previously
  5. maybe something by Matthew E Reilly?
  6. +1 to Matthew Reilly. Awesome Aussie writer. The first book I ever read by him was Ice Station, and I've been hooked ever since! His website: http://www.matthewreilly.com/
  7. Or the twilight trilogy :rofl: Oh my wife would kill me if she heard me disparage them :-$
  8. lol waedwe... i wouldnt need to buy the book just read the pages of the girl next to me on the train to work each morning.

    small observation ive made... girls love to read twilight on the train
  9. brothers in arms was a fantastic read about the banditos and the commencheros millparra massacre , also good history on how the 2 clubs started here in australia. the society murders was also good. also anything by Hunter S Thompson
  10. Neil Strauss, "The Game", 2005 (blah blah blah)

    Its a biography, a personal account of someone penetrating a secretive organisation, a mystery and a thriller all in one!

    Girls will probably approach you if you read this book on the train.
  11. Just finished reading a highly recommended book (over 1,000,000 copies sold) called 'Chickenhawk', written by Robert Mason, a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.
    Outlines his real day to day life during the war, in so much detail that it's been declared the BEST account of Vietnam to date.
    If you're into action, this one is hard to beat.
    People in general will move away from you, or look at you with concern if you read this book on the train... :) (lol Not4Resale)
  12. Jack Reacher is my hero! Get into Lee Child's books.