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Books to augment practical lessons

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by pete AU, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. I'm wanting to get some good books to help improve my riding skills - what would you recommend?

    I've heard the 'twist the wrist' series is a good buy - since I'd have to get it mail order I'll have to buy on recommendation.

  2. I'd recommend vol 2 of Twist of the Wrist ahead of vol 1, for road riding at least. Vol 2 contains the stuff you learn in level 1 of the Superbike School cornering course.

    Another US book that has worthwhile streetriding strategies is Ride Hard, Ride Smart by Pat Hahn.
  3. Yes, I would recommend TotW 2 aswell.

    Its a good read, and re-read.
  4. I have been really enjoying "Total Control" by Lee Parks. A broad book, road focused and well written with lots of nice pictures for the Hyosung riders... :p

    I think you need quite a bit of road experience to be able to understand and get a lot out of these types of books. So read them voraciously, but spend plenty of time working on each salient point so you understand it physically as well as just theoretically.
  5. 'Twist of thr wrist' has some whacko Scientology guff in it but ignore that and the basic info about reference points and planning your way around a track (or your local roads) is very useful.

    There was a 'Stay Upright' book by Warwick Shulburg written in the 80s- it's very good and most public libraries have it.

    And what Loz said.