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Booking my P's

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Jimi, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    This follows on from a post a while back about who wants to do their P's as a group. I am going to book my P's for late next month (most likely the weekend of 19th-20th Feb) at MTA. I just wanted a show of hands of anyone who wanted to come along and do their P's as well. I will ring and book early next week, so if you want to do it, you have to let me know by then.

    Splash, Clueless - are you both still keen?

  2. i'll book missa in for that, cant have her sit on her Ls any longer :LOL:

    anyone still interested in going over the testing one weekend? i wont be able to help out this weekend or the next but anytime after that should be cool. lettuce know if anyones keen still, i'll be doing it soon for malissa and two other non-netriders....
  3. I am keen for a practise session - Where did you have planned?
  4. My P's are booked in for 17th Feb at HART Kilsyth, but if anyone's arranging a practice session it'd be fun to join in.
  5. Practise session details are being worked out at the moment. Unlike other posts which can get out of hand very quickly due to poor organisation and whingers :)lol:), the details are being worked out behind the scenes and a post of where and when will be put up early next week...

    stay tuned...
  6. Keen to help for a practice session - although not a greatly experienced rider, I did my P test recently, and I know how it works.
  7. i will be showing my mate wat he will be required to do for his P's on saturday cos he is booked @ HART in tullamarine on monday,so if anyone wants to come down to the west let me know
  8. GMAN - where abouts and what time? Anywhere in the west is pretty local for me.

  9. Hey Jimi, if you need a hand with the practice session I'd be happy to help if I can. PM me if you need me.

  10. Oh he needs you big time baby...

    Sorry... couldn't resist... plus this thread has stayed on topic WAY too long...
  11. Well then, its a good thing we can count on you to sort that out! :p
  12. lm going for my P's at tulla as well on Monday Gman, tell your friend to say hi to me. I think lm the only female in the group so far, but if not l have long blonde hair.

  13. hey guys, I did the licence test yesterday (sat 22nd). Dont stress its heaps easier than the learners and as long as you have spent some time on the bike you will breeze through it :)

  14. I want to book for a practic session at HART, Kilsyth as well. As Gromit will go to have his P's session on 17/2, then we try to book in for Practice session the week before that.

    I can ring HART on Monday to find out what's aviliable and post the detail here as another new topic!

  15. I have booked my P's for Sunday the 20th Feb! I can't wait that long but it is the only weekend session available between now and then.

    So far there is myself and Splash, with the option on another two places. Anyone interested? I have to call them in the next few days to confirm...
  16. Sooooo there!

    Hi Jimi,

    I am soooo there!
  17. I've been meaning to book for ages but haven't got around to it. Did my L's at Hart in Tulla and was planning to go back there for my p's but what the hell, count me in. Should i call or are you booking for the group? PM me if you need me to do anything.

  18. Hey fellas,

    Just made enquiries about booking my P's at MTA.

    FYI: There are only 3 spots available for the 19-20th Feb. Better book in quickly!
  19. Yay, all booked and confirmed :D :D :D