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NSW Booking for not displaying P Plates

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by msjrules03, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. This has not happened to me as i use a metal P plate that i drilled holes into and have attached it securely to my bike, coz i aint got no money to pay for a fine lol.

    My mother's Fiance who got his licence when i did(he is 43) he got booked by a copper the other day and I was disgusted with the penalty he was given.

    He lost 2 points and fined $209!

    The bad thing is 1/2 the P Plate was still attached, so its obvious that he had a Plate on and it broke off(as the RTA P plates are plastic they are easily broken and he even carry spares incase it comes off)

    Anyone else been booked for forgetting P plates, and is that 2 Point fine and 209buck fine a bit excessive?

    p.s Answering questions in advance.

    It was not double demerits, he wasnt pulled over for driving badly it was just a random RBT, and also the state is NSW.

  2. 2 points and 200 for not driving (riding) as per license conditions.
  3. My son was verbally warned a number of times. Finally a copper who had pulled him over a few times decided that enough was enough, unfortunately for him he didn't bother checking my sons licence, he'd got his full licence the day before. It's the first time I've heard of a copper tearing up a ticket.
  4. Classic!

    But he's lucky he didn't get pulled over 48 hours earlier...
  5. In Vic it's 3 points and somewhere between $250-300. I found that out the hard way.

    Ridiculous considering you get much less for speeding, which of course we know from the TAC to be the only reason deaths occur... amirite?
  6. You absolutely are mate. Goes along with the one posted not too long ago where some dude got fined for failing to stay left. I'm ok with being fined for this, as it really annoys me sometimes when people think because they go along at the speed limit they can just stay in the right hand lane. But the amount (I think it was $169) + 2 demerit points seemed a bit harsh. In particular when compared to some speeding fines.
  7. Whats the typical speeding fine/point loss in vic?
  8. The Greed Camera fine I've got sitting waiting for me to pay or ask for a review/leniancy* is <10km/h over $153 & 1 point.

    Was a nice day before Christmas present although I've been waiting for it since October and it to work it's way through the system (company car & needed to nominate the driver, etc).

    * Haven't been done for at least 15 years so should be able to get off this one.
  9. i think its excessive and bullshit.

    Will someone please ****ing explain what difference a piece of plastic makes to anyones safety?

    Will the plate make me ride better or more carefully? No, i dont even know its there...

    What is the point? so other drivers know your a young person so they can cut you off, tailgate you for obeying the stupid laws of your state which force you to travel dangerously below the speed lmited?

    And what? do all other motorists need to be informed of our assumed inexperience? Where are the old **** plates, the soccer mum plates, the CEO on the phone plates. Why are these demographics not unfairly discriminated against?

    Do P platers really drive that badly that everyone should give them a wide berth? do any drivers actually see a P/L plate and think, hmm i should drive carefully around this car as they may do something erratic? NO BECAUSE 99% OF P PLATERS DRIVE FINE

    All it is, is blatant ****ing revenue raising for the trifector of cunts, the Government, Police and Media.

    **** the system, thank god i now am registered in a state with a bit of common ****ing sense to allow P Plate drivers to drive with out displaying the plate after the completion of a road safety course. (ACT)

    I apologise for the excessive swearing.
  10. 99% of P plates drive like idiots, and speed like no tomorrow!

    The plate is there to warn other as to why the are driving below the speed limit

    To let them know the are learning the skills required on the road
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    This. The plate is a warning for the rest of us.
  12. No they dont, almost all the time i see p plate cars they are driving around town normally like every other car.

    Are you really going to tell me that almost every car you see that has a p plate on it is mid way through some kind of power slide all the time?

    Are you a ****ing moron? Do you change lanes or take a different route every time you see a car/bike with a P plate on it?

    Also if P plates are so vital and life saving how come Australia is the only country in the western world that has such a system?
  13. Thought it was pretty easy to comply - simply buy a plate and affix it with a couple of screws to the bottom of the number plate. My L plate cost about 2 bucks and lasted a year, easy. You don't want to pay the fine then display the plate- it's not really rocket science.
  14. well the way my bikes fender is designed it makes it near impossible to attach a plate with out either blocking an indicator or my tail light, or making the plate rub against the tire.

    (i have stock fender by the way, not some redic fender eliminator)

    EDIT: This is the case on almost all motorcycles unless you buy something brand new from a dealer, often these bikes are fitted with larger fenders that accommodate the plates.
  15. I never really understood the idea of P Plates, i can understand L Plates to a degree. But it rarely changes driver attitude, i see many drivers boxing in L plates not giving them any room or space.

    P plates just make it easy for police to hunt down and give out a ticket for the 500 different laws and conditions probationary drivers have these days. As stated above not many other country have such a system anyway. You have the license that differs you from the rest why the plate as well? It would stop police fixating and catch some of the other idiots on the road.
  16. Eh, for those of us who learn slower needing a label for a year seems to make more sense. :p
  17. totally disagree. my brother and i have owned many bikes when we were on L's and P's and never had any problems with mounting P and L plates on any of them. sports bikes, cruiser, motard. fender eliminators and non fender eliminators. it's not rocket science its just a thin piece of plastic. if they hit the tire badly you can cut a curve into the bottom of them. but most of the time you dont need them anywhere near the tire
  18. Yes I do.
  19. in america jo blow can go buy an r1 jump on a kill himself. if bikes arnt his thing he can go buy a v8 chev corvette put the foot down lose it and put it into a pole. i like our system. tells me who has been riding for how long, nothing about skill level, just how long they have been riding. i do a lot of riding in nsw i come up behind an L plater i chose how i overtake them wisely and try not to scare them into doing something stupid (i.e. try keep up,)

    as said, before 2 bucks and couple minuets fitting is it really that hard?