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Booked Q-Ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ParkerMax, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Hiya!

    I'm so excited and cannot wait. I have booked Q-Ride at Hart.Honda for tomorrow and Friday 8am - 4pm of riding for 2 days straight, will it feel like nothing I've ever experienced?

    'Twas cheaper than a lot of other places, $440 minus the special of $25.

    Paul was real nice, showed me the bikes and let me cop a feel on the throttle (showing difference between restricted throttle and non-restricted).

    Going to be riding a VTR250 which is great, I'll be able to get a feel for the bike, as it is one of the bikes I am thinking of getting.

  2. How'd ya go?
  3. I rode on the vtr250 and the gs500 during QRide. They are both great learner bikes. The gs500 is a bit heavier than the vtr250 so if this is the first time ever on a bike that might be something to consider. The gs500 will cruise on the highway a bit better and the vtr250 seems better in low speed cornering. At the end of the day both bikes a are fine. Pick the one you are comfortable with.
  4. Yeah I failed which is unfortunate. Was thinking too much about where I wass meant to be going instead of what I was doing at the time. However another 8 hours experience can't hurt. Great instructors too!
  5. You didn't fail, you just haven't passed yet. Corny line I know but that's what the course is all about, making sure that you are ready to ride on your own. I did Qride through Team Moto for 3 days. Given that I had never ridden before I felt that I needed the full 3 days. Give it another day and I'm sure you will blitz it.
  6. +1 I did mine in 3 days when I started out. Don't stress, the more training the better...

    After a year you'll get enough experience up and you should be able to get your open licence in one day when it comes time to upgrade! (That was my experience anyway).
  7. Thanks for the kind words! I will go into the next day with a positive attitude. Only thing is I cannot go until the 16th :(

    Bought some gloves yesterday.. I was borrowing a pair from the hart honda and I thought they weren't very protective and they stank of people's sweat.