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booked my self in for Ls.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cameron, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. So after a 2 month hiatus, i've finally booked my Ls test. Im scheduled for the 22nd and the 23rd of Novemeber at Clyde. I cant wait.

    i have a few queries...

    firstly, how the testing at Clyde? easy? hard?

    given that the testing goes well, ill be looking to purchase a bike fairly soon after my Ls. my understanding of bikes is limited, and im seriously unable to judge what might and what might not be a good deal. Im looking at either the CB250, GPX250 or the ZZR250 (good options from what ive gathered on this forum...). What are other good beginner bikes to purchase? I'd prefer something that was faired, but Spadas and the like also look beaut - but they run a bit expensive right?

    also, is it better to buy from a dealership (second hand) or privately?

    what is considered a lot of mileage on a bike? how much should the bikes ive listed go for at about 15,000 kms?

    and finally, what does it mean when a bike is 06/07 complianced? i've seen these listed in ads and im not particularly sure what they mean.

    it's a lot, but if you guys could help me out i'd appreciate it very much.

  2. Firstly Clyde is a great place, nice and flat, also the guys are nice and friendly. That's where I did both my L's and P's

    Also as for a learner bike, have you thought of a CBR 250 RR? there are a tonne around so if you look hard enough and take someone with some experience you could get yourself a good deal. The other option is a newer GS500f, good reliable and as I said you can get them new, or even a few years old, so you are less like to problems with it any time soon.

    Also if you know what you are looking for and you find the right person a private sale can swing your way.

    Finally, 06/07 compliance means that the bike came into the country in 2006 or 2007, that has nothing to do with the year of manufacture. a bike that is O6 complied could easily be 20 years old and gone around the clock... twice.

    If I were you I would recommend not getting a compliant bike, no matter how good it looks, just cos you don't know what could be underneath.

    Look for an Australian sold bike, take a mate who knows something about bikes and you should do fine. :)
  3. I done my Ls at Clyde and my Ps at Rouse Hill, the instructors at Rouse Hill were a bit friendlyer but it doesnt matter where you do it!
    As for the bike it depends how much you want to spend :?:
    I think the GS500 is a great bike...
  4. good luck with the L's, and welcome to the forum!
  5. The guys at Clyde are good, I also did both my Ls and Ps tests there. I don't think they can be unfair with the testing since it's all pretty objective i.e. you don't do headchecks or have difficulty handling the bike they won't pass you.

    The Spada is an older bike but it is also a very well built bike, it's a V-twin so it's easier to learn on than a 4-cylinder bike (such as CBR250, ZX2R, Across etc) and you should be able to pick one up for pretty cheap. If you're after something a bit newer but similar to the Spada look no further than the VTR250. Exactly the same bike, just different looks and a lot newer, plus there is the side benefit of there being absolute bucketloads about so you will have a good range of choice.

    Unless you can find an absolute bargain on a CBR250 I reckon don't worry about them. They are severely overpriced and it's debatable whether you can trust the odometer reading on some them.
  6. Clyde is great , depends who you get , i think youll get a younger lady cause the other are to busy with the P's test
  7. Opps - wrong thread :oops:
  8. as my test approaches, even though its more than a month away, im in dire need of some more bike purchasing help.

    the honda spada. can anyone give me the low down on this bike? is it a reasonable expectation to find a 15+ year old bike in good mechanical condition?

    how much am i looking to pay for one of these if i was to buy privately or from a dealership? lets assume its gone 20,000+ kms.

    thanks guys.
  9. I'm not much help when it comes to advice regarding the Spada. I leave that to those that own one. My only feedback is I found it quite narrow and small.

    Anyway more information can be found by doing a search. Put the Spada as your key word and select the Bike Reviews and Thoughts as the forum. I have just done a quick search for you and come up with these topics:


    Hope this helps and good luck with your Ls. :grin:
  10. thanks for that cadbury, i completely forgot about the search function!

    so i've been looking around - on these forums, trading post and other internet listings, and im a bit confused about the pricing of the GPX250.

    in a thread on these forums, people were buying brand new GPX250's + ORC for $6,000 rideaway. Im not quite prepared to spend that much on a brand new bike (as im told ill inevitably drop it :D) so im looking at second hand ones. If i was to spend $4,000 at most on the GPX250, what kind of condition, year model and km's am i looking at? any opinions will be very much appreciated, because i have no idea. In NSW, by the way...if that matters.

    and by the way, any friendly riders from around the south west area? liverpool and the surrounding suburbs?

    and is there anyone i can add onto MSN so i can ask them annoying questions? I dont know anyone who rides...

    thanks guys.
  11. I was looking for a gpx / zzr for months and months (Whilst trying to convince the oldies not to kill me if I bought a bike), so I've seen my fair share of them.

    Unfortunately resale of 250s is very good, so you're not going to save as much as you'd think buying second hand. But I'd still advise you to buy second hand, especially for your first bike and even more especially for a gpx/zzr as they tell you not to revv it harder than 6 for the first 500 ks, and not over 8 for the first 1500, or something close to that anyway.

    I was going to get a gpx to save the cash, but when I saw a gold/silver zzr 2002 in perfect condition with 18000kms, maintenance log, user manual, etc. at action motorcylces, I had to have it. They were asking $6990, which is very overpriced, a more realistic price for this particular bike would be 5500, 6000 max. But they weren't doing too well for sales that month so they accepted my offer of 5000. And that included green slip, and replacement of all fluids, with almost brand new tyres.

    For a gpx and 4000 limit, which was my original budget.. You'd be looking at something around 1996-1998 with 20-35 thousand ks done on it, but in pretty good physical condition, good tyres, newish consumeables.

    Just saw you have msn so I'll continue this on there.
  12. Good luck mate, I bought myself a CBR250RR and love it :)
  13. Good Luck for your Ls. And happy bike hunting. You'll find loads of helpful info from all the guys here. I ride a VTR250 (first bike) which I can recommend as an easy, smooth ride. Depends on what you want.

  14. Make sure you sit on a few. Won't tell you anything about riding the bike obviously but you'll know if it feels comfortable.

    I've got a zzr250. 1992 model with 30000km's. I've only just started riding but it feels like a good bike to learn on - the power isn't scary in any way and it's comfortable to ride.