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Booked my P's test for Sunday 6th May!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ihaveduff, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. wooo! just booked my P's test for sunday 6th May!! figured its good to book early!!

    now to get lots of practise in!
  2. Practice makes perfect... still some way to go, but good luck mate!
  3. Well you getting it will be a nice b'day present for me :p

    Speaking of which, I really need to book mine....
  4. hehehe well happy birthday peeahh :LOL:

    Prince of Wales Drive here i come!
  5. You need Putty rd!!!!!!!!!
  6. Good Luck

    Hey good luck hope you get it first go... i am looking to book mine for the 26th May...
  7. Mon, i'd call and book asap, its getting increasingly hard to get a spot!! i was lucky enough to get a spot at the botany RTA which is close to my house!! :) ... there's been a few threads on here about people having to wait a couple of months before their test... and their L's expiring...
  8. one step closer to being a real rider hey james, and a step closer to that daytona 675 :grin:

    now you just have to have an off and you will be set :LOL: :roll: :( :eek:
  9. :eek: you did NOT just curse me James!!!

    I nearly dropped the vitta last night :oops: ... i was getting used to my bike boots, and overbalanced at the END of the ride and nearly dropped in the garage!!

    can't wait for the Daytona though!!
  10. haha i did try but hey gonna happen one day better get it out of the way with the vtr rather then the new bike umm some people :LOL:
  11. lol very true.. but i don't want to drop my baby!
  12. I've booked my P's test next month in early April, can't wait! *counting* :(
  13. All The Best James Good luck !! :grin: :cool:
  14. so whens the best time to book for P's when on ya L's?

    you getting the naked or faired triumph 675?
  15. Ride it Right - Campbelltown

    Just called to book for my test in May at campbelltown way and they don't have May dates out yet... so have to wait...
  16. my test is in 3 weeeks........ come to think of it I should start practicing like a nut........

    I've been so friggin busy since I left work - still haven't had proper time to do what i need to do yet....

    we gotta go for a ride sometime! when I'm actually free.... hopefully in 2-3 days I'll be alright....

    see u on da strip!
  17. ChArMs - Book your P's as early as you can. It can be a long wait to get a testing time!! I didn't think the Daytona was out in Naked in Australia?? Knowing me i'll go naked :p bikes are better with their clothes off :wink:

    Duke!!! let me and Trev know when you're practising!!! the more the merrier!!
  18. Ok cool will do when i pass Rider's Course next month :LOL: :LOL:
    That way the date is set and the riding begins :wink: :LOL:

    Seen this Article in AMCN Vol 56 No 17 7-20 Mar 07 issue it says!!! :cool:

  19. mmmm there was an actual pic of the naked daytona ni decembers issue.. i don't have it floating around though :(

    hot looking bike though :wink: , and if it keeps the handling characteristics of the faired one.. then its miiiiiiiine!

    oooh its next month!! awesome!!!
  20. Just booked my P's test for May 28th at Clyde. :)