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Booked My P's Test for 11th Sept at Campbelltown NSW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Intruder Girl 60, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone, just wondering if I can get some tips, hints, guidance or advice on the following;

    1. How long is the road ride, and where do they go?

    Started my practicing of the MOST test last weekend at hubbys works carpark. Do ok thanks to a lot of the advice I read from NR and my darling hubby!!!

    Need to practice more on the cone weave & obstacle avoidance, damn nuisance that I can dodge things on the road at 60km but at 20km found it hard to steer around.

    BUT as they say 'Practice, Practice, Practive' and that is exactly what I will be doing.

    Am going to try to get to Homebush one Sunday before my P's.

    Thanks again to all of you on the forum, your comments are really helpful and makes for riding a motorbike oh such more enjoyable!!! :biker:
  2. Congrats for booking in, I'm sure that some sydney people will jump in soon with info for you
  3. Good luck for your P's in Sep!

  4. If you get along to Homebush at least once or twice, you will be confident in your skills to pass the MOST.
    Then you can concentrate on relaxing on the day, which is the most important thing.
    Good luck, you'll do fine.
  5. I did my MOST at Rouse Hill. The road ride probably took about an hour or so from memory? We did a few laps around with the instructor falling behind someone at different stop points. Would ask what we observed etc and would comment on our buffering etc and basic road skills.

    As for the other tests as part of MOST, practice practice practice. I failed first time around by hitting the tennis ball on the obstacle weave by a bees dick so that week I was practicing out on the road replicating the setup for the test.

    I also changed my technique by not riding the clutch at friction point and found I could control the speed alot better by using the back brake and not worrying about holding that friction point as if I squeezed in too much I lost power or if I let it out too much gained momentum and would bugger things up. Doing that I could cone weave easily and as for the u-turn could do a left hand u-turn easy but then after reading some tips and more practice I slightly shifted my weight to the left as I did the right u-turn, combined with turning my head and keeping up a constant speed managed to do it 9/10 times.

    As for the obstacle weave, you have plenty of room to swerve and don't take it too narrow.

    I think there are maps of the road ride on the net somewhere? I think I saw one for Rouse Hill before I went, but it doesn't mean much as it is just normal road riding anyway and playing follow the leader.

    Hope that helps a bit :)

    Good luck.
  6. good luck and most of all enjoy
  7. Thanks everyone for your support.

    The info on Rouse Hill was great.
  8. I did my P's on an Intruder (Penrith, -1 degrees) a month ago now on an Intruder 250. The only one in my group of five with a perfect score!

    I recommend you practise all the slow speed stuff (U turns, cone weaves etc.) The intruder has a longish wheel base so it takes a lot more effort for tight cornering. Personally i could never make it out to the homebush sessions, but i recommend you do try and get out there before your test.
  9. I just recently got my Ps at Botany. Relax and ride safely on the road course. The instructor/examiner will brief you on the course. Listen to his instructions. Each person in the group will lead a short section (with a briefing before each section). Just ride the way you normally do with obvious head checks, obey the road rules at all times, remember the road crafts (eg. Buffering etc.) which will be taught to you during the morning. If you can, come down to Homebush for MOST practices - we had our test on a rainy day. Good Luck.
  10. You were lucky enough to get into Campbelltown, I had to go down to Unanderra to do mine (Im from Macarthur too).

    All i can say is try and get out to one of the weekend MOST practice days at Homebush, the guys here are amazing and sure did help me survive the MOST
  11. Yeah I was lucky, did my pre-learners at Unanderra, but couldnt book in advance for my P's. Only Campbelltown had the date available for me in advance, I booked it 6 weeks in advance. Also thought Campbelltown was going to make my day shorter as I did not have to add an extra 1hour to travel down and back from Unanderra. Best to make it easy on myself as the P's is a long day as it is.
  12. My friend just passed his P's so i have a good insight in what they test in NSW.

    When you are riding, drive in the Right section of the lane, when a car/bike/truck/whatever is appraoching you in oncoming traffic, move to the left section of the lane. They test you on that as a safety percaution and to make sure you use the lane properly. And by Right hand and Left hand side of the lanes i mean if you were to cut the single lane into 3rds then you would have a Left - Center - Right section of the lane.

    Judging by the picture as your avatar you ride a cruiser, so make sure you can do a 90degree turn without crossing over a line, and make sure you can do a U Turn in under 2 parking spot places, you only get 2 chances to make the U-Turn which seems to be the hardest thing todo specially in Bomaderry where 1/2 the U Turn area is sloped...

    Practice Braking at 25km/h into a predetermined spot, another big test is swerving around a tennis ball at 25km/h if you hit it i think its an insta fail.
  13. The ride part of the day has nothing to do with the test for which you need to pass to obtain P's. The ride is not marked.

    Basically, it's to see that you are confident on the bike and can ride safe on the road....
  14. Me and the missus both passed our P's at Campbelltown, the test itself is conducted within the University grounds, in a marked carpark. They also do pre-learners sessions too.

    You do a bit of instruction and technique practise in the morning, then the road ride, lunch, then more technique instruction, then the test itself.

    The road ride itself is no test. And you leave the University grounds.

    There are about 4 - 5 stops along the way, where the instructor will change his position in the ride from front > middle > rear and back again.

    At each stop the instructor will explain what he is looking for, and also the general route of the course in case you get split up by traffic.

    It has everything, traffic lights, round abouts, S-bends, dip approaches, blind hills, blind corners, traffic riding on main roads and suburban.

    It lasts for about 1 hour.

    I hired a bike from them (one of the chinese 125cc) and the missus rode her VTR250.

    If throughout the day, including classroom, the instructor feels that you are not showing any aptitude in being able to control your bike, or make an effort towards road safety, you won't go out on the road ride, and prob not do the test either.

    You can have a laugh with them, just be mature.

    NOTE: The missus and I also attended the Homebush learners session quite frequently. Chris and Goz will look after you, and I'll never forget Goz failing the U-Turn on my virago :D.

    We haven't been back since the kid was born, but the missus definately will be as she hasn't ridden since getting her P's back in February.
  15. Thanks for the recent posts. They have been very encouraging for me.
    Only 1 more week to go before the big day, cant wait, have been practising and have been doing quite well (as per the videos that hubby has been taking of my bike adventure).

    I went over to Homebush last Sunday and had a good 15-20mins practice and received some good advice.... thanks to everyone that assisted me.

    I was sorry that the day had to end but am glad that Megan was not harmed when her bike went up in flames, became a very interesting practice session!

    Because it is not on this Sunday I will be heading off on a long ride with hubby.

    This Saturday & next Saturday I will do more practice for the MOST.

    :biker: =D>
  16. You're definitely putting the practice in - Best of luck for the 11th!
  17. =D> Woo Hoo.......Passed My P's Test Today. Now I can start to really enjoy the bike!!!!

    Thanks to everyone for your comments & encouragement to get me to this day...much appreciated.
  18. wahey, congrats :D
  19. Congrats Intruder.

    Enjoy those extra 10km/h :p
  20. Well done!