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Booked My L's!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jc212, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. I finally convinced my parents to let me book my biker L's upon the agreement that I will not purchase a bike till after my HSC exams (year 12 final exams). I'm pretty content with the idea that i will have my L's soon and its not that long of a wait either (HSC finishes in nov)
    My mum also said that she might put 50% towards my bike if i do well in my exams so i'll be studying hard!!
    The only thing that bothers me a little is the huge waiting period for the pre-L course, i booked yesterday but I have to wait till the 7th of october! I guess the crazy fuel prices and spring season have really increased interest in bikes.

  2. Good move JC. :cool: :wink:
  3. Good to hear that you've taken your first step... I've done mine about 2 months ago and now still practising. whenever I've got time.. I will go out for a ride.. and loving it..

    One thing though. really bad time to get into this at the moment.. I remember when I booked for my L, I can hardly pay attention to my studies.. I was preparing my exam, I 've got the book in front of me but my mind is somewhere else.. searching for my first bike on the internet... anyway.. hope everything turn out good...

  4. you prob need some priv lessons when you go for your p's dude , you be too busy trying to study and find a bike you like.. your hsc is more importent then a bike , as you can get that anytime!
  5. good luck
    got mine 3 months ago havent looked back since
  6. Good stuff jc212, good luck with your Ls and your HSC. :)
  7. Thanks guys! Don't worry about my time invested in study, i can assure you it is a lot!! :D
  8. good luck mate, yeah the waiting time sux.
    I booked my L's in May & couldn't attend till august.
    Booked my r-date in november, couldn't attend till February

    hope you pass both your exams & your licence test, and good luck finding a bike!
  9. i feel much better reading this, knowing that I am not the only one :LOL:

    i can't sleep properly and I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about bikes :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Don't listen to any of them. Getting your L's and a bike is much more important than your HSC, you can always go back to TAFE and do your HSC there. Get your licence, get a bike and worry about study later.

    Kidding man, seriously though, study damn hard for both your HSC and your L's, and make sure you take up your mum on that offer...

    Good luck with both dude, hope to see you on the road at the end of the year, eh??
  11. good luck with your HSC jc212, you'll need it now that you have bikes on your mind. similarly, i had been studying and saving for a bike at the same time. after doing my Ls all i could think about was getting a bike. uni work was put aside for time on bikesales, trading post, bikepoint & netrider. now that i have a bike, 4 weeks back into the semester, i finally opened up the begining chapter of a text book. hmmmm how much hecs am i paying this semester?.... sh%t :-s
  12. Good work man, best of luck!

    And I may as well point this out while you're still young enough for it to not stick: It's Ls, not L's. And it's never a bad time to point out that it's DVDs, CDs, and 1980s. Just sayin'!
  13. Thanks for the massive support you guys! It gives me relief that there are so many people obsessing about bikes just like me!

    van: i'll internalise it.. Ls .. Ls .. Ls.. Actually, I really understand why you have gone so far as to put that reminder in your signature because I absolutely despise those who mangle the English language. Especially those who use instant messengers!
  14. Well Jc, good move. Just remember once you get out on those two wheels your life will never be the same.