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Booked my L's: Now for the low down on theSA L's test/cours?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by iliketoride, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Hello folks,

    I'm amped, put down my $103 today before the price trebles and now I'm thinking, What is involved in the rider safe L's course?

    Anyone done it lately that can let me know what I'm in for? I'm not too concerned, ridden dirt bikes as a kid and have excellent balance but still want to know what its all about!


  2. Hi,

    I completed mine last week. Covers quite a bit e.g. theory, practical cornering, braking etc including a brief run-down and trial run at what you can expect in the 2nd level course.

    In a class of 9 one dropped out on the first day, and one failed the final practical.

    There is a selection of bikes including trail/dirt.

    Instructers are friendly and knowledgeable.

    If you have previous bike experience then this can only make the whole process easier.

    Enjoy and have fun.
  3. Did the first day today. They start from the absolute basics: "This is a bike, it has five main controls..."

    Note that the course proceeds whatever the weather. Today was not the best day. At least I had a Dririder jacket, but some people turned up in thin windcheaters etc.

    Finally get my L's now I hope. Ridiculous wait for the course. How far ahead is yours?

  4. 6/6 in our group passed (a small group, but some people didn't turn up: who pays and waits that long then doesn't turn up ?), including the super slow girl and the young guy who would keep blipping the throttle and revving the bike whenever waiting.