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Booked in Strathbogie Ranges - Help please

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by FastR1Red, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Hope you can give me some advice to pass on.

    The son (in his 30's) of one of my work collegues was riding through the Strathbogies on a trail bike. He's fully licenced and the bike has full rego. He ended up on this track somehow and was apprehended by DSE. They say that motorcycles are NOT allowed on this track and there are signs clearly stating that. He didn't see the signs as he entered from an intersecting track.
    He's been summonsed to appear in court at a later date.
    Does anyone know what the stand is on this, possible outcomes or fines?
    What should he do from here?
    Thanks heaps.

  2. "this track" isn't very specific. Was it a public road? If so, how can they stop any form of registered vehicle using it?
  3. Need a lot more info.
    PM me.
    As a (general) rule, bikes have certain areas they are allowed in and some thet are specifically banned from.
  4. maps would be excellent, as would getting your mate to post up.
  5. OK thanks Guys, I'll see if he can get us a map. I don't think he's on Netrider, but I'll ask the questions.
  6. As well as looking at maps and giving Tramp a pm,

    I'd also be telling your mate ride back the exact way he did before he got pulled up, and take photos of every road / track turn he took making note of any or no signs on his way from his point of entry into the ranges.

    He may come across a sign he never noticed or as he said there may not be one on the particular run he took.
  7. and maybe stop and deliberately get off and look, lest he gets booked again. Taking a video camera and a pillion to hold it(if he hasn't got a mounted one) wouldn't hurt either.
  8. Just sent Tramp a PM.
    He's a postie so doesn't finish work till 4 today. I'll get all the other info then.

    Good idea on taking the pics and vid.
  9. I know someone who got off a speeding fine at court, due to the 40kmh zone not being marked where she entered it from. The argument was that the council failed in their duty to inform. Magistrate said that technically that is not an excuse but it mitigated the offense. Fine was reduced to zero but the points were still deducted.
    I would imagine something like this would be similar (expert opinion?).
  10. As a "general" rule that could apply.
    Trouble is this is the DSE (Govt) Not some Council.
  11. Well he didn't call me so I have no idea?? Cup day tomorrow so I guess wednesday I get some info.