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Booked in my P's test...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, May 19, 2005.

  1. Well everybody, I've booked in my P's test finally on June the 4th.

    Great little bargain by me if do say so myself. Apparently, because I've had my P's before (I was disqualified for drink riding fo 2 years while on my P's) I don't have to do the whole course, only the test. And it's only cost me $40 not $139!!!!!


    So a little advice, if you wanna save some money, do you P's, get disqualified for years, then book in your P's again and it'll save you $100. 8)
  2. :biker: good luck matey.
  3. Good luck - though it sounds lke you won't really need luck much as you've already passed it once :)
  4. Yeah like three years ago. Don't know how it works down in Vic, but in NSW we've got to do a u-turn in a 6m box. That's the only thing that's worrying me. Bit of practise and I'll be right... :D

    Thanks for the support
  5. You'll be fine. What kind of bike are you doing the test on?

    The CB250 I used for my test was comparable to the Spada in terms of agility but lacked the power to get me into trouble in the tight manouvering parts of the test. Practice heaps and you shouldnt have any trouble.
  6. Hi Pete,

    I have mine booked for the 25th of this month. Less than a week left.

    I had my L's two years ago but did not pass my
    P's then but they have made the course easier since then.

    The U turn bay is bigger than before, and the emergency manuver has a smaller distance from centre to the half tennis ball but the outer limit you have to stay in is the same (more room to move).

    Just go out with some empty softdrink bottles and mark out the test route and go thru it a few time (well as many as you feel you need to while in a non test enviroment) till you could do it with your eye's open. Hardest part is finding a flat car park with no one in it.

    Here is the of the PDF of the document that the testers use to set the course up and run the exam.
  7. In my best Bruce the shark from Nemo voice.

    GOOD ON YA MATE.......... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Perhaps the reason you failed last time is cos you were trying it with your eyes closed, eh sanzy? :p :LOL: Pete - I also recommend getting comfortable enough to do the test with your eyes open. That's what I'm gonna do....

    :LOL: 8)
  9. Aaaaaaw!! But I was so looking forward to doing the test with my eyes closed. I was going to check how strong the force is in me...

    Oh well. 8)
  10. Just think of the satisfaction of knowing that if you need to you could do it all with your eye's shut. :shock:

    The best advise i have been given is just to get used to doing the movements on the bike you intend to take to the test, and try and be relaxed.

    You know how to do every thing they want you to, now just show them that.

    P.S doing it with eye's closed my be considered a dangerous thing and they might ask you to stop the test and go home :LOL:

    Now where did i put my key's :D
  11. Typical government reasoning aint it?

    You didn't lose your liscence cos you didn't know how to ride. You lost it cos you made the wrong choices before you went riding.

    So, would it not make more sense to make you sit through all the theory, videos and crap. Thats where you supposedly learn that drink riding is a bad idea and why. But who am i to criticise the gumment.

    Don't worry bout the test, you've already passed it, you know how easy it is(it was easy wasn't it?). Piece of piss!

    Oh, and if you're nervous, have a couple of drinks before you go, that ought to calm your nerves...
  12. Bwahahahaha :LOL:
  13. Please don't tempt me...
  14. Yo pete, when you have done the "P"s let us know what is in the test.. i will be up for mine in a few months i want to get a little head start.

    Ps. you were not in Leichhardt on the 24th may.. by any chance?

    Saw a fellow bike rider going up johnston Street towards parramatta rd. on a Black spada with a tank bag?


    /Quote of the week from WillywareCPS

    We should take the warning labels off of everything for a week. Let all the stupid people die out by themselves.

    /End Quote
  15. good luck with your test pete! hope you passed sanzy! from one pete to another, it's a piece of piss! if a young un like me can pass it once, then you sure as hell can pass it a second time. and you don't have to answer this, but how much were you drink riding by? i don't reckon i could keep the thing in a straight line if i was midly inebriated...
  16. Good Luck you will be all right no probs :D

    Cheers 8)