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Booked in my P's test . . . at Rouse Hill !!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mickyb V9, May 2, 2006.

  1. okay fellas, i've booked in my P's test, with the hope of going unrestricted soon.

    I'm doing it at Rouse Hill ! :eek:

    ksystems story has got me worried !
    Surely they aren't nazi-instructors !!

    Anyway, i'm not revealing the date of the test as it will put pressure on me and all of you will be asking how I went. :grin:

    Who is up for some practicing at Regatta course at Penrith ?
    I've purchased some kiddie type witches hats ! :wink:
  2. .....I'm up for the Regatta. Say when......
  3. I did my P's at Rouse Hill, no problem. :) :)

    Only one person in the group had to resit and that was for putting a foot down at the wrong time. :?

    but if you are a short arse person (and already have trouble putting your feet down) then you may won't to rethink the location, as the course is on a slight slope.

    Not a serious problem unless heading SW(?) and stopping, then putting your foot down could cause you difficulties. :wink:
  4. oh fcuk !
  5. I did my test at St Ives and there's a slight slope on that as well. So don't switch to there hoping to get a level playing field.

    What threw me for a loop was that the "slam on the brakes" test and the "miss the object" test having hit 20-25 kph used the same starting position and speed checker. I swerved when I should have braked.
    The instructor/tester sent me back for a re-run and didn't dock me a point.

    I did my test on a VTR250 and not only was all the practice needed but it was worth it. There does seem to be a difference of opinion about using the rear brake or not to control things when you're doing cone work. The HART team tells you to use the rear brake whilst American Cops tell you not to. They have Cop Bike Rodeos over there so I took their position on the matter.
  6. I got a few tips ,always stay in first gear for all the test'S ,and practices this way.

    Practice with your back brake ,the only time you use the front break in ALL the test'S is when you have to do the emergency stop.
    Hit 20-25kph and grab all the brakes HARD.you can skid ,put both feet down ....what ever JUST STOP FAST.

    When doing you practice at home ,head check left and right ,if your not lined up on the start line and have to move forward 1 meter ,STILL head check.
    You can put a foot down, hit a cone ,stall and still pass ,BUT forget to head check 3 time ,FAIL.
    head check
    head check
    head check
    GOT IT.
    A big tip is ,when doing the U turn ,IF you hit the line you loose 5 points ,if you have to pull the bike in tighter to get around put your foot down 1 point.

    You get heaps of time to practice on the day ,so much i got dizzy and just watched for 30 minutes.
  7. gypsy and I are going out to Regatta centre this sunday to test out the P's course and also check out the gradient on the Rouse Hill course. :p

    Its also going to be a mini ride, so if other L's platers want to join us, the following are the details.

    - 1:30-2ish - meet at Caltex servo, Old Windsor Rd Glenwood.
    - Old Windsor Rd to Richmond
    - cut across through Londonderry
    - then onto the Regatta Centre.

    We'll hang out there for a while and establish the betting odds on whether a Yammy XVS650A with saddle bags can complete the P's course with maximum points ! :grin:
  8. Did a recon of Rouse Hill on Sunday arvo.
    Yes, there is a gradient on the U-turn bay falling towards your point of entry. :eek: . . therefore you go up the hill while u-turning.

    It doesn't seems to bad, I just hope its not a windy day like what we have been getting lately.

    I had a chat with one of the instructors also, they seem to be a friendly bunch of guys, gave some quick tips and even commented that I had the proper gear and asked whether I was going to use my VTR on the day. It doesn't seem to be a problem and the VTR should be fine they reckon.

    They doubt the use of the XVS650A though ! :eek:
    I'm keeping you in mind Gypsy ! :grin:
  9. Thanks for the heads up Mick. I'll still put in some practice with my XVS, but I have a couple of contingincies now. First fall back plan is a mate of mine's bike. He has a 250 Kwaka (not 100% about the model). It's a small bike so I'll have to borrow it one weekend and ride aorund with it to get a feel for it, then do the test with it. Otherwise, last resort is to hire a CB250 on the day and take my chances with that. Either way, I think I should be alright. Just worry about yourself for now. Get the practice in and get passed the test. Then you can get rid of the little yellow plates which you hate so much....

  10. I did the test last weekend. I did not practice any of the test exercises specifically, however, I did spend time doing low speed stuff like figure 8's, U turns etc. If you have been going into service stations, parking at shops etc and generally riding regularly, you wil be fine.
    You het plenty of time to practice the exercises, and the examiners wil let slip a few hints.
    My Z 650 ( a heavy, wide beast) got around the course just fine. I did not clip a cone and got 0 points, so I think if you are comfortable on your bike now, do the test on it, I am far from an experienced rider too. You wil only have to come back and redo the test exercises anyway, not the whole day!
    Do your headchecks. We had a young lady in my group, she failed halfway through, due only to lack of headchecks. She did everything perfectly till that point. Practice looking either left or right a few days before the test, so it becomes habit. If it is something you struggle remembering, write it on your visor!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. if you can micky get the lady she was good i heard
  12. I just passed my P's on a Hyosung 650GT. I struggled at the end of the cone weave and needed to put my foot down (only one point). I had no hope doing the u turn and went straight over the yellow lines for another five points. Everything else was easy and passed the test with a few points to spare. I guess as long as you head check religiously, you can pass the test on any bike. On my test day there were two other riders on 650's, and the instuctor's didn't expect us to do everything perfectly (although one guy did!).
    Just relax and it will be fine.