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Booked in my Ls, pre-learner course

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by squidman, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys i booked in my Ls today for wednesday and thursday at Penrith, i just wana know if the course is any hard? i've got no bike riding experience so thats what has me worried, iv been driving a manual car for like 3 years so i hope that helps me with handling the clutch on a bike. if anyones done the course recently can you tell me what they test for and things i should look out for cheers

  2. Squidman, if you check out the RTA website (which I'm sure you have). The info they provide there is pretty much exactly what it says. I'm hearing from a couple of mates who have done it in the past couple of years that shes a pretty basic course with obstacles, braking, gear changing, steering, vision etc drills and also some classroom stuff. I reckon you'll be fine. Good luck.
  3. thanks man, ill spend the whole night reading on it IM PUMPED! :bannanabutt::bannanabutt::D:D:D
  4. You will be pumped (or should that be puffed?) after pushing the bike around for a good ½ hour or so. The pre-learner course assumes no prior knowledge of riding a motorcycle. As such, they start with very basic fundamentals and work from there. Don't expect to get out of second gear (third if you're lucky) over the 2 x ½ day course.
  5. My pre learners cause went for 1 hour (2 if your are bad) and was just basic cornering and gear changes. Reallllllly easy.

    Learners course easy too, only thing I failed was forgetting to turn off the indicator.

    I had 0 ride experience either.
  6. they still let you pass the course for little mess ups like that ?
  7. They make a determination as to the likelihood of your killing yourself but they have no responsibility if you do. Unless you demonstrate a danger to yourself or others you will pass. If you can ride a pushbike and drive a car you will probably be fine.
  8. Yeah the indicator being left on was a "Minor" thing, so Im assuming you can do like 3? Like 3 stalls when going for your manual P's or something.
  9. My instructor told us that all you have to do is show that you can follow the fundamentals "at least SOME of the time". You don't have to get it perfect every time. A couple guys in my group dropped their bikes and were allowed to continue, however the next day we had a guy who was previously failed who told us his instructor from a previous time failed anyone who dropped the bike. Mixed hat I guess.

    I had no experience on bikes, never driven a manual car and hadn't ridden my pushbike since I was about 10. Passed just fine.

    My suggestion is to watch youtube videos on 'how to ride a motorcycle'. Just google it and there are 2 or 3 diff channels I watched and it helped me A LOT. I was prepared with the concepts before I went. Wouldn't have passed otherwise.

    Good luck.
  10. ^^Gotta love YouTube. Taught me how to change gears LOL before I went on my pre-learners. I didn't have a clue before that.
  11. I dropped my bike at the end of the first day and still got through.

    Copped a fair bit of flack the next morning from everyone else that saw it, though.
  12. Also ive been told a lot of testers send you on a "practice run" of the test before the real one. That practice run, was the real one. ( Or at least for me, a lot of my friends and all the people that told me)
  13. practice run before the test would be good lol
  14. mate ! i did the same course bit over a month back...long haired fella was my instructor...absolute top bloke...and honestly i couldn't ask for anyone better as an instructor...you will do alotta basic chit chat for half hour to hour to start off ...then stance on the bike...you will get alotta little common sense questions as quick revision of what you've been taught..you'll be in a small group which will team up to push other people around on the bikes a couple of times and then proceed to do short 10 metre trips of starting and stopping the bikes...progressing to longer distance's...factoring in shifting into second gear and then dropping to first and stopping at a set point...use of blinkers and looking ahead at where you will be exiting your turn...

    overall...even if you make a few **** ups..(i was a tad slower than some of the others there, but that's because i was taking my time to learn it properly and take it all in rather than impress the others - i comprehend the seriousness of being allowed on the roads on 2 wheels - had enough hospital trips on a pushbike growing up)

    They will pass you if you can demonstrate you know how to shift up and down gear....stop at a set point while downshifting if need be...and use of blinkers and turning your head to look where you will be exiting the corner to display that your planning your path...OH...And if it's the same instructor..he will be very anal about "LOOK UP" ...as oppossed to staring at your speedo or hand movements on clutch

    good luck mate...the guys at the regatta centre are a great bunch
  15. Try and absorb as much information from the instructors as possible, it will prove invaluable. Focus on learning what they have to show you instead of passing :)
  16. Agreed, i'm not from the area but i did my P's test there last Friday (an hour to get there, -2 degrees down the M4, where my bike died 4 times due to cold). But damn well worth the trip. Had a sheila for an instructor (name has escaped me), but she's an absolute champion.

    5 went for the test. 4 passed.
  17. Don't they teach you how to ride the bike BEFORE they test you???
  18. How did you go?
  19. passed :) gonna go do my knowledge test tomorroww WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
  20. Congrats! Good luck with the knowledge test.