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Booked in for P's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ksystemz, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. on the 11 of aug , anyone who will like to teach me a few things would be helpful!

  2. which bike will you be using Matti ?
  3. All the best Matti. :cool: :cool:
  4. Use the postie!
  5. lol it would be crap on the road max 60 , i wonna use the gpx but just getting used to it
  6. btw Matti, Andrew from Wheel Skills Rouse Hill says Hi ! :LOL:
  7. I'd use the Postie! A guy on my course used one and didn't have a problem. You shouldn't have to worry aboutitbreaking 60 during the road ride.... You wontbe going that fast, most likely. Where about's are you booked in?

    Sean D
  8. My postie does 85 easily takes a while but gets there and is about 2/3rds throttle
  9. A postie is semi auto ,not sure if you get a big bike licence.
    Try to make it tuesday night coffee Matti and we can talk you threw a few tips they gave us.
  10. i want bike licence , dong it at clyde , if i had the chance i would do it at gosford where i did my L's the lady was nice and she works in real estate too so we chatted alot, is the people at clyde nice?
  11. The Clyde people are the same as Rouse Hill.
    They run both and the instructors rotate.

    You'll do alright mate.
    Just listen, do your head checks and make use of the practice runs.
  12. Doing it on a friday so , i hope the person is nice
  13. All the best mate you'll be right :)

  14. gday all
    Head checks are very important, i have recently done my pre learner course and there was a Ps course going on at the same time. It was basic riding skills, riding slowly while slipping the clutch, weaving through cones and emergency stopping etc.
    You should have no problems.
    good luck
  15. Practice the U turns ,remember use the back brake ,and clutch.
    Practice the cone weave it was harder then i thought.
    Practice hiting 20kph and HITTING ALL THE BRAKES ,you got to stop quick.
    And do it all in first gear if your bike can sit on 20kph easy and do all the test in that gear ,so you don't have to worry about changing gears.
    Like micky said, you gets heaps of practice ,just use the time.
    I did my L's at the Penrith Regatta center with the Ride it Right guys. A P's course was going on at the same time so I snuck a quick look at what you need to do. Luckily all the lines are pianted on there so when I get a chance I duck out and give the course a whirl.
  17. PS: You can browse the requirments of the MOST on the RTA.NSW website, but if youre lazy shoot me a PM and I'll send you the whole document, complete with range maps and a set of steak knives. Quite handy for anyone who wants to set up a backyard testing range.
  18. Practice makes perfect. :cool: :cool: