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booked in for P's test!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zzr_chick, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. gday all! :grin:

    hope everyone is going ok! just a quick post to say i have booked in for P's test in about 4 weeks (very nervous already :roll: ). has anyone done this test recently? any tips would be appreciated!!

    cheers :wink:
  2. I did the test about a month ago at Adamstown, which is where I assume you wil go.
    Just relax. Practice toght turns and slow speed stuff in a carpark somewhere( figure 8's will teach you all you need to know).
    The testing is set up so that you get to practice in teh morning on the course, have lunch, do a road ride, then to the practical test. If you botch practical test, they just rebook you on the test again, so an hour or so out of another day is all you need to do. So relax in teh actual test and you wil do fine.
    You can't really fail the road ride unless you hit/get hit/get lost. There is also some classroom time/theory in between teh test portions.
    You WILL NOT be shown how to get through the test course, you are just given time to practice, so learn how your bike handles at slow speeds/tight turns(figure 8's)
    Do headchecks before moving off! One girl was failed halfway through the testing purely for accumulated points for headchecks.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. hi andrew,

    i appreciate your reply. i will be doing it at adamstown. when i was doing my L's, they failed 4 people going for their P's just cause they forgot head checks, that was a group of 7 i think. im pretty sure i will be fine on the ride, its just the slow stuff that i REALLY need to practice.

    one more question...where did you go on the ride and how long did you go for? just curious!

    thanks for reply
  4. Don't know about Sydney but when I did my licence test in Melbourne a few years ago it was easier than the L's test! Relax as much as you can & remember the irony is that if you do fail you still get to ride home on your L's.
  5. hi zzr_chick

    not familiar with your area exactly but the biggest bit of advice i think anyone can give is to relax and try and practice in a car park, get the cousre info from the rta website and draw it out.
  6. i got on the rta website and got a layout of the test, so i will practice that. i think its just the nervous factor that will stuff me up more than anything! i must remember to STAY CALM!

    thanks for your help, will keep you posted.
  7. I forget the actual road ride course, but it's pretty easy. Lots of multi lane roads and nice and easy to keep the group together.
    Low sped riding just takes time and practice to be comfortable with- it's not a natural thing to do on a bike and you wil never really be happy with how wobbly you are, but as long as you are competent and don't hit any cones you wil pass.
    The figure 8's are good because they have you practicing turning from one lock to another on teh bike, start doing large figure 8's, and slowly get them tighter and slower, using rear brake and sliping clutch. You wil learn a lot about your bike doing this, and the sklower you go, the easier it is to stop and put a foot down without falling over, as you already have a foot on the brake.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. the syd P's test seems heaps more reasonable...

    in melbourne, there was nothing about a headcheck AT ALL... we did a left hand turn, a right hand turn, 2 swerves, and 2 emergency brakes... and that was it...

    no road ride, nothing about headchecks... sheesh, sounds like sydney riders might be on the safer side
  9. remain calm, practice as much as you can especially the slow stuff as Typhoon has suggested. I botched my first attempt by giong too fast, so get a good idea of how slow 20kmh really is! Head checks are an absolute must!!! So is helmet disicpline, some instructers/testers get a bit anal abotu where you place your helmet, ie on the ground, in your hand or on your head, NEVER, NEVER on the seat/handle bars or anywhere where it might fall.
    Download the test from the RTA site and set out an imaginary range ina car pak sonewhere and practice the figure 8's, cone weave and obstacle swerves, u turns and emergency stops. If you dont even attempt the cone weave you only lose 2 (i think) points anyway but its an instant fail if you stuff up the obstacle swerve or emergemcy stop!
    Good luck and hope to see you on a Netrider ride from Newcastle!
  10. Main thing that gets most people worked up on the day is the U-turn within the box. The box that they get you to practice on is about 1m smaller than the box they test you. When I did my P's test (both times), people were stressing out because they couldn't do the U-turn in practice, not realising that the actual test box is bigger.

    Stay calm, enjoy yourself and you'll be fine.
  11. I know I'm late but others might read this to and I hope you passed btw.

    I'm doing my test tomorrow at Campbelltown (NSW). Good thing about out here I went and spent a couple of hours in the uni car park last long weekend. On the Monday no one was there but the course is painted on the ground so you do all the practice you want. Don't know about the other test places in Sydney but it might be worth other up-comming test takers to have a ride out to the test place and try it out there.

    My CRB250 has a hard time on the U turn bit but after an hour of practicing I got it down pat. Well will tell you after tomorrow how well I got it anyway.
  12. Will you just stop stressing, it's so bloody easy!

    God Almighty!
  13. We always are!!! :cool:
  14. may be easy for some people, not everyone!!! :grin:

    thanks to everyone for your help. i dont do the test until early-mid next month so i have enough time to practice :)

    im going to a big vacant car park tomorrow with some road cones to practice!

    thanks again
  15. Just a couple of reminders on top of what others have mentioned.
    Make sure that when you are asked to do the "emergency braking to stop” test, you DO NOT let your bike reverse or move back after stopping. They could fail you for this.
    And, DO NOT let any of your feet touch the ground while doing any of the manoeuvres.
  16. I actually thought the U turn was probably the second easiest manouvre, hardest by far is the cone weave, there is a fine line between keeping up momentum, yet not going too fast, and turning at teh righ tpoint so as to set up properly for teh next cone.
    Also tricky doing the obstacle turn, especially when the examiner fails to stop the other bikes on the L's course, and you end up having to do an obstacle turn, then straighten up fast, hard brakng then sharp 90 degree turn! LOL!

    Regards, Andrew.