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Booked in for P's Jan 12th :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OZChris, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    Finally booked in at HART Kilsyth for P's on Saturday Jan 12th :)

    I have been out most weeks lately for practise - I feel I need the practise.

    Anyone else in a similar situation? And any advice?

  2. Practice cornering, emergency stopping and counter steering.. Thats all you need ..

    Its fairly straight forward the test.. You will be fine.. :grin:
  3. yeh I've booked my P's test on the 19th at Armstrongs in Thomastown - they were great for the L's and even had us practising some of the counter steer/swerve procedures that are required for P's.

    I'd say just make sure you get out on the bike regularly in the next week and a half and if you have a good spot to practise, do a few sessions of counter steer/swerve/emergency braking as Blue14 suggested.

    Good luck with it

  4. I did my P's with Stay Upright, but my L's were with HART.

    Best piece of advice is to remember that the instructors are there to HELP you not to make you feel like a gumby. If they pull you up on something it's for your own welfare, so don't feel intimidated or nervous. I had a ball with them, my partner too when she went some years later.
  5. I'm booked in for my P's on the 27th with Stay Up Right, in my hometown of Geelong. Probably about time, i've had my L's for a year and a half...

    I'm heading out for a ride with Dad tomorrow, and will probably take the bike out a bit more than usual in the next couple of weeks. I'll be keeping an eye out for some space to do some slow speed maneuvering and emergency stops.
  6. Thanks all.

    Hopefully this weekend will be fine, I'll try to get some practise in then.

  7. Best of luck - I'm booked in for my L's on Jan 28
  8. Good luck.

    I got my P's on Wednesday. The only thing to worry about is staying relaxed.
  9. Best of luck... and tell us how you went.
  10. Thanks for the support, got back about an hour ago from HART in Kilsyth - all's good and the L's are already removed :LOL:
  11. congrats mate, i just got my P's yesterday too at Ridetek. I gotta say its easier than the bloody learners was, the hardest part is nerves.

    Another thing alot of people were doing was trying to predict what the light was gonna do. A good way to end up on your ass.

    Now just 12 months till a 636 :LOL:
  12. Agreed, much easier than bloody learners.

    Yeah, 12 months until the upgrade - unless you get a LAMs bike in July.