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Booked in for my SA license.......gulp!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BevD, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Well, after getting my L's end of last October I have been practicing, practicing, practicing!
    Have been going well in traffic, had a couple of short night rides, and have been for a few longer (for me) rides with hubby.
    He is still helping me heaps and giving me tips on riding, braking, gear changing, traffic etc, and still doing a good job of it.

    I was a bit concerned about the slow riding and cone maneuvers needed for the advanced test in SA, so I actually rang the Ridersafe people and they told me the correct measurements / times / speed etc for the test. Also, gave me a few more tips on using back brake only for the u-turns - haven't had a problem with that since.
    My hubby then went over to the car park near our house where I have been practicing and sprayed a few dots and lines for me to practice with (my own personal test area LOL).

    He has been saying for a little while he thinks I am ready and I should book in for the test but that only got my nerves going, anyway I did book in today for a couple of weeks time and thought I would give it a go and see what happens.
    That's about it for now, so for the next couple weeks it will be .......
    Yep that's right - practice, practice, practice.
    cheers til next time.

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  2. You will do it easy, stay loose and just do the things you have practiced
  3. yep agree with McsennaMcsenna just relax remember your training practices
  4. Good luck! My other half says to practice the emergency stop task: She got failed the first time because she started braking too late.
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  5. You'll be fine BevD. It's not as hard as you may think. I got my license at Oaklands Park when they still did it there. The only female I might add. A funny day. I passed and was bawling my eyes out after being told. It was such a great feeling. Walked over to the group after being told and they're all like, it's okay you'll get it next time. Im said, no I passed. They thought I was crying because I'd failed. If I can do it you can too. It's pretty straight forward. Just do what they tell you and you'll be fine. Let us know how you go. :)
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  6. Thanks everyone, well tomorrow's the day we'll see how I go.
    My hubby is going to ride with me to the training centre tonight after work to see how long it takes. I think he is making me the most nervous, - don't be late, don't forget to head check, don't forget .....AAHHH!! Might have to get him to go out tonight so I get some peace LOL.
    Will keep you posted.
    Cheers, :chicken:
  7. Good luck, head up and look where you want to go :)
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  8. BevDBevD Everyone doing the test will be nervous leading up to it. Once you get out there you will settle down.

    And all the practicing that you are doing should give you confidence.
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  9. Well, the practice, advice on here and more practice did the trick...YES! I passed my Advanced test and what a relief it was.
    I did go with the relax and everyone is in the same boat, oh and I can always try again motto and it worked. Listening to the instructors and knowing that I did practice a lot was the way to go, can't believe I'm saying this but was easier than I expected. WOOHOO Happy As ;)
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  10. Woo! You rock!
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  11. Congratulations, BevDBevD. :]
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  12. Well done :) Keep up the practice anyway as you will continue to improve and gain confidence ... the licence is just the start.
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  13. Certainly will Fractalz this is just the beginning!
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  14. much cudos to u BevDBevD ! & you have the bike to do it.
    remember the larger the bike the more difficult especially slow maneuvers, when yr next bike comes along if you can't do these slow ride tasks with it you know you've some serious work to put in if not extra training with someone who can help. (it's normally head position where bikers fall down)
    might put hubby to the task as well now :greyalien: ?

    off topic sorta, & senior moment, a real laugh ...
    was overseeing a training center in the early 90's down Clyde, NSW way. one classic MOST test was with this older "born again" studded, tatted & dipthonged, head shaven bogan biker who rolled in on his customized yank tank (an FXR shovel if you insist :whistle:, & they weren''t that bulky back then as well) declared "it was a piece of piss" to pass the objectives & he'd "shat it in" while practicing at home with his mates. suggested he use one of the 250cc learner bikes on the range free of charge as his would be useless but became belligerent & refused genuine help.
    no, he wasn't wearing [​IMG]
    Photo by Philippe Lequerre
    he failed miserably. dropped the bike twice, scratched the bejesus out of the custom chrome & paint work, threatened to sue us all including the 10 or so students who were quite bemused, & that's a definite understatement ,,,, then couldn't get the bike started when attempting to leave. (kill switch was on)
    we helped him push the bike off the range & out of the training center, no charge. according to our records he never came back or re registered ... maybe he went to N.T. for the paperwork, they were still doing the old registry tests back then ... instructor stood on the sidewalk & told you ride down to the corner & come back. If you made it you passed :facepalm:
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  15. Lol!!! Sounds just like my hubby!
    Well Done!!!! Woohoo!!!
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  16. Congrats it is fairly easy if you practice first. I helped some of the guys at work get their licence and we actually marked out a circle path for them to practice the slow circle turn
    All good in the end
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  17. Best advice I can give is when they tell you what speed to go at, make sure you stay just under that speed, when they ask you to ride between two lines on a curve at 20kph, going at 25 really increases the difficulty a lot. Make sure you practice the countersteering maneuver where they tell you to go right or left, a lot.

  18. Hi Bev,
    I've just paid for my advanced and want to practice more. Can you tell me the measurements Ridersafe gave you? I'd really appreciate it.
    Congratulations! It must feel awesome!