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Booked in for my pre-learners...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Marc, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Yes, I finally did. I've been planning to get this sorted as soon as my exams were over (second week of September) but the wait was too long then so I mulled over a little and guess what, the wait is even longer now! I've decided to do it on weekdays so that I don't have to wait till 2008.

    I'm a total n00b but I've driven a manual car and did so till about 4 years ago. Hope that is going to help a bit.

    Other than that, as they say the course is aimed at people without prior experience, I'll just try to stay calm and in control. :dance:

    Back to canvassing a suitable first bike...
  2. Good luck.

    I did the course with 20 minutes manual car driving, so you'll be sweet. Just stay calm and its a breeze.
  3. Thanks mate,

    I've just watched the first time rider's video on livevideo so I am ahead of the pack ;-)
  4. I did my L's last fotnight. They had a very step by step approach, gradually working their way up from mounting the bike, to riding around in first and second gear. Driving a manual will definately give you a good head start.

    Good luck with it. You know you can check availability of bookings at other Sydney venues yea ? I did L's at Rouse Hill and P's at Clyde since Rouse hills was booked out way into october.
  5. Good luck :) it's a lot of fun and requires no experience at all.

    I booked mine in Wollongong (Unanderra RTA) which let me go the week after I booked, you can look around and change your booking if you want to find somewhere to do it sooner :) Only 1/1.5 hour drive from Sydney and easy to get to.
  6. I'll be doing mine at Clyde as it is really convenient to get to. It's on the 29th & 30th of October so I figure I could wait...I may look around for the sake of it though.

    Haha, I think that is doable;-) How is the new Honda going? I've been reading the thread.

    Thanks guys, it will be a good day:)
  7. it's awesome, booked in for 1000km service tomorrow (how time flies) so no riding to work :(
  8. Link?
  9. I did mine at clyde, those guys are great, hardly a test at all, more like jolly training. Just keep calm and you should be fine, i passed w/o ever having ridden a bike.
  10. That's awesome mate...BTW, I'm in Lidcombe...practically walking distance to Berala.

    Good to have a potential riding buddy nearby :grin:
  11. 1st time video

    what is interesting about that vid on the 1st time you ride a motorcycle is that the guy obviously has the camera on his head... so he inadvertantly also shows a first timer what it means when you should 'look where you want to go' later in the video when he gets a bit more power on the throttle.. he looks away from the bikes intruments.... interesting...