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Booked in for my open licence - a reflection.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TRA, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. I think I am more exited than when I got my RE.

    Check this out for my first post on netrider:

    Well I still love the busa, and I still want one, but the VFR800 is just more suited to my lifestyle. I have spent the last year on a GS500F that the wife bought me. I am booked in on the 5th of next month for my licence and I am planning to test ride the VFR the next day. I am tempted to put a deposit down now so that a bike is ready to go on the friday!!

    Cheers and thanks for all the tips so far people!
  2. Hehehe good luck mate!
    I get my full licence tomorrow ;).
  3. Good luck to both of you,
  4. Ah, i just pay money and take a photo ;).
  5. Good luck and I'm sure you'll be happy regardless of what bike you get. I see a few vfr1200s whizz around my area regularly and gotta say they look damn good.
  6. I think everyone should make their missus read this over and over and over and over....

    GOod luck on the test mate

    Love to see what you are gonna upgrade too Messy.
  7. you WILL buy the VFR

    (repeat after me)

    I WILL buy the VFR :LOL:
  8. Isn't it strange how early on, you have an idea of what sort of bike you eventually want but then after a year of riding, if you're honest to yourself, you find out more about yourself and realise that the right bike for you is one you never had in mind at all.

    Spent an awesome 15 months (and 32000K) on the GS500F and at the start, no way would I have thought I'd end up with the TDM 900.
    The right bike is about one's self rather than specs...

    Enjoy the VFR...
  9. ^ yep its also funny how addictive riding can be as well - like the OP I started on a scooter as a simple commuter and stepped up to a bike from there.

    The VFR800 was one of the first bikes I was thinking of as well but the nakeds are now well and truly my 1st pick.

    I wouldn't be tempted to put a deposit down till you've had a chance to take the VFR for a spin first. Without being too wanky there is a certain point where the bike picks you.
  10. I really do want the busa, but its just not suited to the daily commute that I do. If could afford the extra rego and insurace I would buy it and keep the gs500f for a commuter. Problem is I own 3 boats which require 3 trailers and associated rego, plus 2 of the boats themselves have to be registered, then there is the 2 cars and finally the bike. Add to that the insurance for all of the above and it all becomes to much. Not to mention I dont have the space for them all.

    The great thing about the VFR800 is its still small enough for a daily comuuter, but is also big enough for a good weekend tourer. Plus it looks really good (besides the gold rims).
  11. Yay got my full licence :).
    Now to do some test riding... and the vfr800 is first ;).

    Good luck with yours TRA!
  12. Three boats ??? You capitalistic pig lol. I have to sell one of my bikes to get a boat. And cant bring myself to do that. I find it easier and cheaper to hang at the bar at the yacht club till someone needs crew. As they say the best boat is always someone elses.
    You wont regret buying the VRF. Get an 07 onwards or make sure if it's an earlier model it has had it's recall done on the Harness. If you give the VIN to your Honda dealer they can tell you if it was done or not. The recall came out in Oct 07 for all 2002 - 2005's
    They are a heavy little sucker. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would own one. Now that I do.... I cant think what I would replace it with. I have a 998 and a 525 so the Viffer fills the gap perfectly. A set of leo's or staintunes and they are one of the best sounding bikes. They are easy to plod along on and can get along when pushed. I think a perfect bike for you to step up too before going the Busha. That's if you can bring yourself to sell it when the time comes.
    Dam hard to keep your license on a busha.
  13. Congrats. Make sure you report back once you test ride the VFR!

    Lol. I have a 26 foot trailer sailer, a 16 foot calypso cat and 4.5 metre centre console stink boat!! Thinking about selling the stinky cause it does not get enough use and it would free up some space in the garage. I paid the house off last year so I bought the trailer sailer and calypso, nice to have a few toys and not be broke all the time!

    Plan is to either use the gs500f as trade on a new bike, or perhaps sell it private. Its only a year old with 10000kms on it so it should make a good deposit on a new bike.
  14. When I started riding in 1995, I wanted a 916 as my dream bike. Always come to my senses before I bought one, but damn I still want one.
  15. Sounds like you had a similar Friday to mine :D

    Popped into the rta to hand over 22 bucks and get my photo taken, then finally got a chance to ride my flatmates cbr600r to the dealership, so I could test ride the 2011 speed triple and cbr1000rr. All 3 great bikes but still not sure if I want to go naked or sporty (or mid-size or litre bike for that matter either).

    It was a good day :grin:
  16. Hehehe good stuff mate.
    Sadly the weather today was against me test riding anything at all... (plus my back is acting up!).
    Ive been told to get onto a gixxer 1100.... might add it to my test ride list, but i *am* looking for a sports tourer... something i can have fun on *and* do some longer rides in comfort ;).

    Hope your photo turned out better then mine :angel:.
  17. These last few weeks are taking forever....
  18. Have to ask, why 3 boats?? I can't imagine keeping any boat over getting a Busa!
  19. Hehehe TRA, just had a go of my old boys bike (BMW K1200RS). He was more nervous then me (for his bikes sake of course).
    Had a blast and had bad news for him too - he needs a new clutch!
    Slipped while rolling on the power in third going up a hill to pass a slowass retard 4WD with a trailer, sliprevvvvbitelaunch up to 140kph before i knew it :p. Got around the 4WD ok in the end, but hmm... new clutch time haha.
    What he gets for riding it like the old man he is - didnt even know it needed a clutch (but blamed me and the 100km i did on it for wearing it out of course).
  20. I cant ride a busa on the water!!

    Sorry, I love riding, but I love boating more!!