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Booked in for my licence...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Madness, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. I just booked now to go and do my licence test. In on Nov 16th.

    Anyone got any tips for the licence test? The way the instructor's told us, it was easier than the L testing.

    BTW with the licence test, do you have to do a written test again? From the info on the HART site, it seems you don't.
  2. Yes i found the license test to be less pressure than the L's. And no more written test, just 6 hours on the day of prac.. You will be right, if you want to go through whats involved yell out, i am not far from you.. :grin:
  3. I might take you up on that offer Blue.

    Not far from me at all. There are quite a few bikers out here, it is handy. Well, it can be handy, i've not gone out with anyone yet.

    I think I will be fine, i'm pretty confident about it if it is easier than the L's. As I found that easy. Though the nerves made it hard, but the test itself was relatively easy I thought.

    My mate went for his test out the other side of town. He said they actually tested them as they practiced and at the end of it said, "well done, you've got your licence". Apparently it was a really good way of doing it because they weren't nervous, not knowing they were being tested.

    So that's not a bad idea. Should go out there. hahaha.

    I'm dying to get out on a weekend. My friend from over the other side has been at me to ride but I've always had something else on. Football etc. Now that's over I might get more time inbetween spring racing.
  4. Just did the license test yesterday myself, and the entire group passed.

    It works on a points based system. Everyone starts with 0 points and points are accumulated if you make errors along the way. If you accumulate more than 40 points its a fail.

    The test consists of 2 speed corners, one left and one right. The aim is to go as fast as possible whilst staying in the boundary lines of the corner.

    Then they send you down the track at 20 - 25kph four times, and each time you get a light which tells you to countersteer left or right, or stop asap.

    The testing stage literally only takes 1hr for the entire group so most of the day is just spent practicing the exact skills you need for the test.

    By the time it gets to test time you will be sick to death of doing the exercises and will just want to get on with it!

    Just one thing though, if they give you the option of using your own bike - dont! The ones they have are very manouverable at low speed and if you stack it it doesn't matter :)
  5. This link shows has animations of exactly what you'll be doing.


    No written test. You did that already getting ya L's. If you were
    the only one doing the test, you'd be in & outta there in 20mins.

    Just have to relax.

    In my group, when going thru the different excercises I elected
    do them earlier rather than let everyone do their first. You may
    be different.

    If you have bad luck & you do fail, you should be able to continue
    (try again), but they'll charge you a fee (less than the fee you pay
    to do the test).

    Good luck.
  6. No I am going to use their bikes. I found their bikes very nimble to be honest. So thought I would stick to them. My bike is great, but I want to do it on theirs.

    Thanks for all the info guys. It is really helpful, as usual.
  7. Thats what everyone is here for bud. [​IMG]

    They can help you out with everything but do the test for ya. [​IMG]
  8. Another local, may have to organise a get together soon i think..
  9. Not as fast as possible... at a safe and appropriate speed. I got told if you hoon through it, you'll lose points for going too fast.
  10. Good idea.. Stromer is out here too... I got her old bike...

    But ya can't go to fast for me on my lil 250 :shock:
  11. No mention of losing points for going too fast from my instructors. Obviously it needs to be safe speed but what they said still applies - go as fast as possible.

    I was the fastest out of my group in both left and right and I still got 2 points added (out of 8 possible) for left and 3 points added for right.

    So the aim was to go faster. Anyway it doesn't matter there were people going walking speed and they still passed :)
  12. Same could be said for Blue to not go flyin past me on my lil firestorm on his battleship ZX14 :shock:
  13. Ah so you bought it from Raceway did ya.. ??? And dont worry about me flying past you, i am very cautious around other riders, come to think of i am cautious all the time.. :grin:
  14. [​IMG]

    Since when?
  15. :LOL: :LOL: all the time.. :p
  16. Yep bluey, bought it from raceway. They are fantastic people there.
  17. yeah mate Blue even knows the way to my doorstep
    Yup she is part of the raceway family Paul

    well you know me, always up for a meet and greet

    good luck on your test
    the hardest part is the 12 months restriction afterwards hehe