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Booked In For My Full Licence

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Toya, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Oh..I am so nervous!!!
    I have had my learners for 14 months now, and I am very much aware that the expiry date or my permit is fast approaching.
    Whilst I have been out on the roads riding around, I have not had as much practice as I would have liked...which is why I have put off going for my full licence...but but put off I can do no more!

    So I have booked into Motorcycle Motion for the 10th & 12th July to do the Licence Course.
    I have never been very good at tests, so as I am sure you can imagine, I am rather nervous about the whole thing.
    My Husband assures me that I will be fine (he comes out riding with me), but I am ever the pessimist and feel like I need more time!!

    Out on the roads I have done the usual highway riding, back streets, roundabouts, corners etc etc etc. I havent done any u-turns or anything like that though...is that going to be ok??

    Any tips that you have for me, I would really appreciate. I know that there are many other posts about people going for their licence's, and have read them (I promise). My intention is not to waste people's time in asking for advise, so please dont shoot me down!!!
  2. good luck mate! :biker: The hardest part of the test is getting over the nerves. I'm sure you'll get plenty of practise during the test so it should be easy.
  3. Find a nice quiet, narrow back street and use that to practice your emergency stops, U-turns while riding and U-turns from a standing start.
  4. Don't sweat it!

    Did the course through them, you'll be enjoying yourself too much to worry about the test, its at the very end. And by then you'll sinch it in.

    Just have fun on the day!
  5. should be ok if you do it with the course.
  6. What you've read in the other posts is probably the best advice there is. Take the corner test easy and don't try and second guess the lights. You'll be fine at the speeds the test is done at if you don't choke by the sounds of it.

    I'll be going to Armstrongs for mine on the 21st July (after just over 3 months-eek :shock: )!

    Good luck.
  7. Toya, you will be fine. The test is easier than the L's by a long a shot. I just completed and passed my license course last Friday. The only thing that made nervous was that it started raining as soon as we did the test. Its a breeze if you just relax and have fun. My only tip is for the exercise 2 and the lights.

    DO NOT try and guess what it is going to be. The tell you this all day. I semi did it on my first run thinking in the back of my head that it was going to be a swerve. I didnt begin to swerve however my reaction time when the brake light came on was rather crap and my biggest deduction of points. We had one guy fail as he guessed swerve and started to then the brake light came on and he panicked grabbed the brakes and binned it.(Conveniently he was before me which didnt help my nerves).

    Just enjoy the day. Good luck :grin:
  8. Thanks for all of your advise.
    Last weekend I rode down to Motorcycle Motion and watched the people doing their licence testing. I must admit that it looked really easy...but then I was sitting on the other side of the fence so to speak! I am sure it doesnt look so easy when it is you being tested!!!

    I think that the best I can do is to just keep getting out there and practicing.
    I have been getting out in the rain a bit lately to get myself used to that. I hate it, but figure I need to get used to all conditions.
    My main weakness is right hand turns (no idea why), so I am forcing myself to do more of these as well.
  9. The test is a piece of cake, you'll be fine!
  10. For the two day full licence course they will give you plenty of riding practise on the days before the actually testing so they will get you in a good state of mind.
    Before mine I thought I was going in a bit underdone. But it turned out fine. I found it easier than L's.
    Good Luck, i'm sure you'll be fine.