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Booked in for Licence on 29th Sept ;-)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Less than 1000

  2. 1000-3000

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  3. 3000-5000

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  4. 5000-7500

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  5. 7500+

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  1. How time does fly when your havin a BALL !!! Its been over 3 months since I took the plunge and got my learners. :shock: I have now booked for my licence and EARGERLY await the removal of that yellow warning sign at the rear of the bike \:D/
    I have clocked up around 1400 km in traffic the last cpl of mths, and should do over 2000km by the time I go for my licence, so I figure its time.
    I booked at Ridetek in Dandenong, the same place I did the learners course. Cant wait !!! Lets hope I dont get a dose of nerves [-o<

  2. hey if you think your ready by all means go for it
    in Darwin we had a different system to what the other states seem to have
    I got my learners on the Saturday arvo with M.E.T.A.L and then did the intermediate course on the Sunday and got my Open licence with restrictions
    so really I did not have any time at all on the road with an L hanging off the bike :p

    crossed fingers and toes for you
    you have done so well in the time since you joined Netrider too and made sure you have learnt what you could and have asked questions when you were not sure.

    I think you will have no worries at all with your next test

  3. Good luck. On your bike it will be a snap.. possibly tooo easy. So you may want to rehearse some wheelies for good measure :)

    The yellow warning sign is annoying as way more people insist on overtaking you even when you're speeding, I'm sure you've found that too.

    The red warning sign isn't much better though, you get idiot cagers thinking not only do you have no skills, but that you're reckless, irresponsible and a general asshat.
  4. Zero, I did zero kms on the road with my learners before going for my license.
  5. Thanks Tracey :) You are right .. What I have learnt here in the last few months, would've taken so much longer to discover on my own. And the other advantage is that I learned these lessons without having to find out the 'hard' way ;-)

    Thanks phizog ! :)
    :p :p Hey ... I dont need to display "P"s ... so hopefully nobody but you guys are gonna know that I am reckless, irresponsible and a general asshat.
    :rofl: :rofl:

    :shock: :shock: :shock:
    Some of us just arent born with riding skills and have to work a little harder ...
    damn showoff :roll:
    :beer: cheers mate !!

  6. its never going to be how many k's you have done, but how confident you feel on the bike i had done rought 11,000k's before i done my p's, but only because i had to wait a minimum of 3 months then it was booked out so ended up doing 5 months on the L's, but had more then enough confidence to beable to have done the test after the first week
  7. I've booked mine for the 15/10/2007 through the RTA website, however I did my L's on the 17/07/2007 which = 90days, not 3 months. :wink: Anyone done the same?
  8. VCM,

    I was at ridetek on thursday, got my licence too! now i am legal to ride without the L plate, hahaha!

    The guys there were great, i think Glen was the instructor we had. I did the whole day on my Bandit 250 as the supplied CB250's were terrible to ride, and i felt 100 times more confident on my own bike. Somthing you should consider is to use your own bike.

    The test is easy, and you learn everything you need on the day + more.

    I had done about 1000km in 3 months.

    Good Luck mate!

    p.s. i think i saw you riding the other day on hall rd.
  9. Booked my license once the 3 months were up, but because I couldn't get the days I wanted (work roster and the days I was free they had no vacancies) it was around 4 months after my L's. voted for 1000-3000.

    All the best with it VCM.
  10. CONGRATS mate !!! \:D/ \:D/
    I'm really looking forward to losing the "L"s soon. What day/time was it that u think u saw me? I sometimes go the long way to work ( Dandenong ) via Cranny :p
    looking outside .. damn the dark clouds are rolling in .. looks like I'm gonna need my platics tonight ..
    TC mate :beer:
    - Vinnie
  11. Thanks Jorge :)
    My guess is I'd have clocked up a lil over 2000 by the time the 29th comes around. I'm hoping to use my bike on the day, as a few have suggested here ;-)

    - Vinnie
  12. I've tried but I can't remember it was 23 years ago.
  13. Wow. Did you pass first go? Did you already have some riding experience or just took a chance and passed?
    I'd like to get a licence, but I can't afford a bike anytime soon, so it would be good to get Ps and just let them run into a full licence and get a bike whenever.
  14. VCM,

    i thought i saw you last week in the arvo on hall rd east bound. couldnt be sure, but it was a SL230 or yamaha XT, etc or similar bike, with L plate on the back.

    Catch ya round
  15. I couldve been on my way back from the supermarket ...
    If the rider looked kinda "goofy" then it was probably me
    I'll keep an eye out for ya :beer:
  16. yeah i'm on a black 250cc Bandit, black jacket. usually hooning around skye/carrum downs/dandy south area.
  17. I've got 9 days to go until i hopefully get off mine ...
    ( yep counting ) :LOL:
    Oh I got your message regarding my bike choices, I am very much leaning toward joining hornet600's elusive club

    After reading the thread here I bought a pair of those pants from ALDI's the other day and I gotta say it sure kept me warm and dry on the last few cold/wet mornings ... not bad value !
  18. got my bike license nearly 2 months ago, haven't had a ride yet, since., but no rush my license is getting suspended for 1-3 months.

    if you think you are good enough to go, you'll be fine. I did barely 1,000km before sitting my test, and it was a peace of cake. just keep telling yourself .. that if you pass you pass, you have plenty of time to pass.(well, ofcourse..... if you haven't got a few weeks before your L's expire) :p

    just tell yourself you're prepared to resit the test .. it might help, well from my experience :p
  19. Thanks .. yep I feel I'm ready .. still nervous tho ... 4 days to go :shock:
    Why haven't you ridden since?? :?
  20. I just booked in for my licence test here in Vic at Tullamarine on 23rd November.

    I have had my bike about 4 weeks. When I did my L's the instructors said to get back and do your P's as close to the 3 months as you can. So I am going to do it straight away now that I have a bike. I have now ridden to work a few times and I am very confident now. Still wary of traffic and what they might do, but very confident in riding.

    The instructors basically told us the P's test was easier than the L's.

    BTW, do I actually get a full licence? Am I reading this right? Off the vic roads website...

    Type of motorcycle licence that is issued
    The type of motorcycle licence issued to you (Full or Probationary) will depend on the type of licence (if any) that you already hold.

    if you do not already hold a car licence, you will be issued with a probationary motorcycle licence which is valid for three years.
    if you already have a full car licence, you will be issued with a full motor cycle licence
    if you already have a probationary car licence, you will be issued with a probationary motorcycle licence as well. The probationary period will end at the same time as your probationary car licence.