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Booked in for Learners

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by pringa, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Booked myself in for my learners at HART in two weeks time.

    I guess I stumbled on here when I was initially researching bikes so I've been lurking around reading up on bike threads.

    Haven't made any firm choices on what I want but looks like I'll need a bit of an all-rounder.
    Something which I can commute to and from uni and work (Carlton), ride to my parents and beyond (about an hour away), and then have a bit of fun with as well!
  2. What riding style do you like? Sports, Naked etc

    What budget are you looking at for the bike (keep in mind gear will add another $500 - $1000 to the price)
  3. I've been leaning towards the nakeds when I've been doing my research. Given that I'm in VIC and the LAMS stage seems to be at least three years, I've been thinking i might be better off going for something I'll stick with for that period.
    Gear I've been thinking about $1000-1500.
    Bike probably up to $8000. Budget depends on how patient I am, but looking at having about $7000 in a months time (for both gear and bike).

    I'm also unsure about going new vs used. I was looking at new although aware of depreciation.
  4. CB400 is a good starting point if you want naked. Just like mine :sneaky:

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  5. Howdy and welcome to NR. :)
  6. G'day and welcome, pringapringa.

    Aaand there's the end of the thread, no further bike suggestions necessary at this point - the CB400 is an outstanding motorcycle.
  7. Say What just cos we all have CB400's and they are the best bike he should eventually buy doesn't mean he shouldn't go through the process of listening to everyone talk about other bikes.

    Jokes, but seriously love mine.
  8. welcome aboard :] good luck with your Ls
  9. Welcome,
    Have fun, and enjoy the ride.
  10. I hadn't actually really come across the CB400's so cheers for the suggestion!
  11. Well I didn't pass the course around this first time.
    One due to making a real mess of the gears, and the other was stalling at the end of an exercise. Perhaps I would have been more comfortable if I had learnt to drive manual in a car.

    I don't think being a little sick and nervy helped. I couldn't quite get relaxed all day!!

    But all up I definitely did feel like I needed more time on the bike so I don't think having to go through it again is such a bad thing.

    I've booked in for a re-test (same one-day course) on Monday. And now I know what to expect I should be a lot more comfortable.
  12. Bummer, oh well, at least you only stalled it and made a mess of the gears which can be put down to being unfamiliar with the bike. Just remember that there is no rush when doing the test. *Rear brake on>fast idle> friction point (take as long as you need)>headcheck>let go of the rear brake and off you go, with your head up and eyes forward you should be able to pass as long as you trust the bike with whats doing.

    And learning in a manual car helps but isnt needed, My best mate who only drives auto managed to pick up the basics of riding manual in a couple weeks and passed his L's test. Next time you'll get it just remember to breath :)
  13. Passed it today!
    Now I guess get some gear and a bike, work again on the basics in a carpark and venture on to some backstreets.
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  14. congrats mate :)
  15. pringapringa any news on a new ride yet? Congrats on passing as well!
  16. Nah not yet. Was hoping to be able to check out some at the city yesterday, but didn't quite work out. Hopefully soon however!
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