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NSW Booked in for CSS 25&26 July 2016

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by chilliman64, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. hi guys

    this afternoon I booked in for CSS Lvls 1+2 for July 25th + 26th at SMSP.

    I did Lvl1 years ago then sold my busa about a year or so later and since then only ridden cruisers until I recently got my Tuono so time to get some training.

    anyone else thinking of going on either of those days?
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  2. Awesome..

    I'm eyeing sometime at the end of the year at Phillip Island.

    Need to get the leathers sorted out first but getting there slowly...
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  3. chilliman64chilliman64 please tell me you're going on the Fatty rather than the Ape? Just do it for the giggles.

    Boris wrote an article in AMCN a coupe of years back where he took a roadliner or similar on a track day so there's precedent.
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  4. What's the cost?
  5. Im keen, always wanted to do CSS. I did Stay Upright a couple of years ago but I wasn't that impressed. Funnily enough when I did the lvl 2 course Boris was there (on a Caponord) and it was all a bit of a circus really, I was quite dissappointed.
    Im keen for some more track orientated training
  6. I could do it for Lvl 1 as I've done it before but for the money I think I'll benefit more from the Ape. but it would be funny!

    from the FAQs on their website:
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    it's a bit dear but still good value
  8. $575 each day? Yikes...

    I'd still be there in a heartrbeat... been meaning to for ages... except that I fly to Singapore again that weekend I think. :(
  9. yeah I know, it's pretty steep that's why I'm praying for good weather and a clear head. similar courses with Stay Upright are around the same price I guess.
  10. just noticed there is a track day on the day before on the 24th
  11. NOW I'm interested!!!
  12. Would've been nice if it was the day after to practice what you've learnt
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  13. there's a few days in August so will probably get on one of those
  14. As a side note, Toprider normally schedule their Advanced Training on the Day before they have a 'coach and setup ' track day. Discount if you book both. You end up with the same instructor over two days and they really get to know you for some targeted advice.
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  15. thanks mate that's a good tip. will get the CSS days done and then take a took at Toprider. I figure I'm not too old to get some proper training that will help me enjoy my riding more.
  16. Even if you only do a coach and setup day on the south circuit - well worth it. Basically a track day but with an instructor that follows you for a while and photographers taking pics of you each session. Photo analyses after each session to help you to improve.

    It's also a timed event with transponders. First aim so to get consistent times lap on lap.
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  17. might have a good talk to you about this next time we catch up
  18. Thanks chilliman64chilliman64 for pointing me to this thread. I've just booked in for CSS Level 3 at SMSP (Eastern Creek) for Monday 25th July and I'm so excited I can't wait. See you there. Let me know if you need anything. I usually take out an esky and extra chairs as there is always a session where we rest and otherwise have nothing to do. The price may sound steep, but having done levels 1 & 2 previously, IMHO it very good value for money. The best training available.
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  19. looking forward to seeing you there mate. my only concern is running out of fuel other than that I can't wait. when I did Lvl1 yrs ago I was ok but from memory the busa was a little friendlier on fuel.
  20. Don't worry about that, I bring an extra 20L with me as I load my bike on a trailer and trailer it out. When I did levels 1 & 2 I only needed a splash for the last two sessions.