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Booked for an ER6n tester

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FormerUser1, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Floyd Parkes in Fern Tree Gully (Melb. East. subs) has a demo of the new 650 Kwaka.
    After all the hype in the O/S newsgroups over the last few months it's time to finally get a personal impression.
    Booked for Monday 11am, and not just for a lap around the block.
    Looks like there'll be some more life coming into the mid-weight group (setting aside the 600 sporties and chookies for a minute).

    The 4's:
    Yammie FZ6
    Kwaka z750
    Honda's new CBF650 (not yet released in AUS)
    Zook's rumoured GSX600 (Gixxer6 take-off)

    Zook SV650
    Duc Monster 620/ 800?
    Kwaka ER6n (possibly F-model lateron?)
    Hyosung Comet 650 series
    BMW's 2006/2007 model F800 series
    Guzzi Breva
    Duc MultiStrada 620

    Plenty of choice for those who don't want the sharp-edged stuff or need size to be happy.
    Great to see Kwaka finally producing something new, rather than filing and honing away at their age-old stuff. About time too, things were getting pretty stale there for the last few years. The ER6 looks promising...let's see what it does.

  2. Not thinking of the GSR600 are you (already released in the UK).
  3. OOOH Hang on.... what is this!!!
    Can you point me to a) some info about this bike and b) any news on if/when it will be out here???
  4. You'll post a ride report on the ER-6n, won't you? I'll be interested to read your impressions of it.
  5. Who knows.... :wink: if I like it and you can peel me off it... :D :D
  6. Im also free 11am Monday...ya bastard!! :D :D :D :D
  7. :LOL: :LOL: trying to line up the Breva11 at A1 right after :p :p
    Gosh, gotta take a scibble-block along :D
  8. Perhaps should also add to the list

    Yamaha MT-03 - also just released in the UK
  9. Oh boy, where do you stop?
    Aprilia Pegaso Strada (there's another tester one of those days...)
    Sachs Roadster 650
    Why the hell Suzuki/ Kawasaki don't work-over their DR650/ KLR650 donks and join the fray is beyond me...Yamaha is real-well out of the old XT660 block.
    Perhaps better not, that market-segment would look like the sporties then...change badges/ sticker kits and you wouldn't know which one's which.
  10. Yeah post a ride report...missus is kinda interested in that amongst a few others...

  11. You'll probably be wanting the fully faired version then.
  12. Oo la la Mon Cheri! Folks, I've found true love. =P~ =P~ =P~

    I've always been a naked man, but I think it's time to try it dressed. That is beautiful.
  13. kwaka er6 yep its the ugly duckling but put a fairing on it and its a swann
  14. Yeah tank, chasis, seat, swingarm are all good looking, but the radiator surround and the healight/instrument assembly are ugly.

    The full fairing is nice, but really just another jap bike.

    Also I hat the current tren of going back to complecated pasenger foot peg mounts. that casting just looks tacky.

    give me one with all the shit pissed of and a moto guzzi le-mans mk1 fairing!