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Bookcases / Aquarium / Tables / Lounge Suite (coming soon)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by jda, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. I am moving house and there is no room for my stuff at the new place. I am selling nearly everything but cannot detail the stuff here as I have listed it all for sale elsewhere

    I had mistakenly thought that I had joined a group that had as its primary purpose the interests of motorcyclists.

    It seems that I have paid to subscribe to a web based business that is commercially based and competitive just like a business would be expected to be.

    No doubt this post will be deleted by the netrider business. That's ok. I cannot see how to do it so I'll leave it to the staff to do. - Customer service I suppose.
  2. Friendly advice: Unless you remove that ebay link, this thread isn't going to last long...
  3. Hey John, what's the bed like?
  4. So many lines there Dougz, so many I don't even know where to begin ....:rofl:
  5. I may be interested in the dryer, very interested in the asking price first though.
  6. In order:

    1. Is there a rule against (ebay) links? If so, why? If not, what is your problem?

    2. The bed is a queen sized slat bed - originally for a futon. it has a high end mattress on it

    3. The dryer is a Simpson - works like a train - but the little plastic clip that holds (held) the filter in broke on day one. Fortunately I have it in its own little laundry and can clean up the fluff from time to time. would be great if you have an outside laundry or similar. It will be going on ebay Monday Tuesday unless you make me an offer beforehand - jda@arundell.net
  7. "Posts that promote your bike on another classifieds website will be deleted." (in this case, your home equipment)

    No need to get defensive, if you had read the rules before posting you would have found out for yourself.
  8. Yep posting ebay links is against the rules, not posting prices for your stuff is also against the rules.
    Best you abide by the rules or this ad will get pulled.
    It's already been modified once by a mod.
  9. ok



  10. fishtank details thankyou, and price too would be good.

    and if your after an offer i'll give you $5.
  11. Sorry John, was going to shoot you a pm explaining but forgot :oops:
  12. Actually, the $10 cost has nothing to do with the forums.

    I see another user that failed to read the terms and conditions of the forums. :roll:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.