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VIC Book into the right group and be mindful of surroundings

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by highon2str, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. So some of you have heard about what happened last Monday...

    I've recently gotten into trackdays and converted my road bike to a dedicated track bike. Replaced my Pilot Road 3s and got some Dunlop Q3s put on by the MEGA tyre guys at Phillip Island and was really excited about once again getting out onto one of the most beautiful tracks in the world, this time better prepared with some decent rubber. Even came prepared with tyre warmers this time around to maximize track time but didn't have enough time to use them before the start of the first session.

    So anyway I got out there and rode at 65% on my outlap, keeping in mind the new rubber, cold tyres and cold track. They tipped in so well into the turns and held a line so well I had the biggest grin on my face for the first 12 turns. Coming out of 12 I got decent drive and was going to bump it up and push to 80% - the Q3s had so much grip compared to road rubber.

    Touched another bike going into turn 1 who had gotten on the anchors early, way before the 200m marker, while I was still going wide open, tucked in. I've got 5 teeth up on the rear and a full 2-1 exhaust on the SV thou. If I get good drive out of 12 I'm usually bouncing off the limiter in 6th @ 265km/h (speedohealer) just before the bridge.

    Highsided myself and the poor SV into the heavens and now 1 week later I am broken both physically but more so emotionally. I had only just paid off the SV 2 mths ago, after all these years and not to mention the $3k worth of helmet and leathers that had to be cut though to get to me. Lucky to be alive yes but also to have 11k worth of gear and bike written off just like that is a huge blow. Motorcycling has always been a big part of my life and it is not a good feeling to be both gear and bike-less.

    On hindsight I should have booked into med-slow group instead of waiting to be automatically promoted from the faster end of the slow group, and should have stayed well clear of the newer, more unpredictable riders. Posting this in hopes that the same thing doesn't happen to you. Ride hard and stay safe all.

    Managed to get 1 last pic of us coming out the southern loop (or siberia?). Moments from disaster... RIP beloved SV :(

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  2. Hope you heel up soon mate.

    Never do a track day with something you are not prepared to write off. NEVER EVER with something you are still paying off.
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  3. Shattered for you highon2strhighon2str . Heal well. Despite being financially painful, bikes can be replaced.
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  4. Mate, sorry to hear your bad news. But seriously you're telling us how quick you are out of the final turn to hit 265kmh down the straight in the white group? ................ and should have stayed well clear of the newer, more unpredictable riders.

    You sure should have. After all it is the responsibility of the guy doing the overtaking - and you are on one of the widest tracks in the Country.

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  5. Aye, highon2str, I hope you recover quickly and well.

    I'm not too sure about that, George.

    I've done a few track days at P.I., riding down from Sydney one day, track day, then back home on the third.

    Yes, it does concentrate the mind when you know you need the bike to be in one piece to get home the next day, but.... track days aren't race days.

    If you are racing, you, fairly quickly, get to know the folk who are racing in your class......and you get a fair idea of what they are likely to do, and what they won't likely do.

    But, on an occasional track day, you are riding round a track with lots of folk that you have no idea of what they may, or may not, do.

    You can't always assume that someone that you have caught up with....
    a. knows you are there.
    b. will maintain a tidy and predictable line.
    c. won't panic if you suddenly pass them.

    So, sitting behind them for a couple of corners, so as to see what they ride like, always seems worth while to me, before any rash decisions are made.

    Exactly what I am trying to reinforce.

    Like they say.....It's not like we are racing for sheep stations......it's a track day, supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

    I have to be honest and the folk at track days that scare me most are the ones with the "track day only" bikes........ trailered there, battle scarred, and ridden as if there really was serious prize money at stake.

    <mod-edit> Bold removed

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  6. Wasn't bragging about the speed, more trying to give an indication of the severity of the crash...

    I wasn't overtaking. But wait why am I having to justify myself to you.

    Yes you are right, I now know what I should do at my next trackday. Hopefully that won't be too far away!

  7. Bad news highon2strhighon2str You tend to think of the track as a safer place, no obstacles, people traveling the same way etc etc A good reminder. Spend your energy in healing your physical injuries. Another bike will come along, perhaps a rebuild while you are recovering as a project. All the best. (y)
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  8. You don't have to justify yourself to me Mate. But you do owe other less experienced riders a degree of safety and to some extent manners. I mentioned on another thread when someone asked about what bike to take to a track day and i said i saw a lady on a 250 Spada poodling round having fun. Could have scared someone off bikes for life in their first session of the day.

    Not busting your b*lls Mate, just saying - and hope you get back to it sooner rather than later.
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  9. Yup!

    I have also seen a very good rider, at Eastern Creek, on a Spada 250, really piss off some of the "famous heroes" on much faster bikes. :)

    Some years ago, now, the Ulysses Club.......yes, those old farts..... organised a track day at P.I.

    The club basically "bought" one session from the usual trackday organisers, so we had all the U.C. members riding together..... no slow/medium/fast grouping.

    But, it worked remarkably well.

    We had some ex-racers on rented SuperSports bikes, all sorts of sports and sports/tourers, and, a lady riding a Yamaha 650 cruiser.... a really wide spread of performance potential.

    The lady on the cruiser had, obviously, done a training course at P.I. and knew where she had to be on the track at any point, so she had a good time, and the rest of us, too, enjoyed the day, 'cause we knew where we could pass or be passed, and we treated each other with respect.
  10. The lady wasn't quick Cam, but she surely was having a wonderful day and enjoying herself - whatever speed she was doing. I found it nice to watch - and she didn't miss a session. Great, that's what it's all about.

    The whole group doing a session would have been good - and respect would have been the word of the day, no doubt about that.

    Have to admit i've booked into slower groups just to make a particular day, but always gone for a transfer asap or given everyone a wide berth.

    ............... and Mate you sure chose the right nick riding to PI, doing the day, and then riding home the next! Faaark me in a car that's a hard slog.
  11. Sorry about your leathers and bike. What were your injuries?
  12. Sorry to hear get well soon
  13. Sorry to hear about your prang highon2strhighon2str :(

    Not going to comment on track day ethics/etiquette having never done one myself.

    How are YOU?
    Injured? Not too much I hope, although a getoff at 200+? must have left you with bruising at least.

    As others have said, don't worry about the bike too much at this stage, concentrate on getting yourself mended first.

    Best wishes.


    EDIT: Changed wording for clarity.
  14. Punctured foot and fractured metatarsal behind my right 4th toe, laceration on right pelvis, fractured and 13mm displaced right clavicle (collarbone), damaged the nerve in left eye from high speed head trauma. In a bit of pain and seeing double of everything, but still able to move around slowly.

    I reckon I'm pretty polite on the track. I'm always aware of the 'proper' litre bikes out there with twice the power of the SV and have always given other riders a wide berth when overtaking. What happened this time was unavoidable (at the time). Someone had pulled past me at the end of the straight just after the bridge, on something with a lot more power than the SV, taken my line and then hit the anchors. This was made worse by the fact I never got the chance to see him as I was focused on what was happening in front of me (he came from behind), and the 200m brake marker. I was still well and truly tucked in with my helmet behind the bubble holding the throttle open when I saw him appear out of no where, in my line and on the brakes. I remember contacting the LHS of his machine, whether or not that caught my brake lever or pushed me into a highside I don't remember. I was knocked out and only came to in the medical centre.

    CSS instructor later said to my mate who was there with me that day that he saw two of us blast past him on the straight, I'm only assuming the other rider decided to drag me down the straight after he saw me go past. I heard he was ok though, ran off without too much drama. So at least one of us got lucky that day...

    I suppose this is just a case of it is what it is. Could have been alot worse.:-/
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  15. Sorry, what's a 'wrecked my bike' post without pictures... Here you go...

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  16. Bugger, that's wrecked. Get well soon Mate. My apologies - i thought you were doing the overtaking!
  17. A sad sight, is the frame intact?
  18. highon2strhighon2str sorry to hear of your crash. Hope you heal fast and don't let this dampen your spirits.

    Is the bike salvageable at all? Could you turn it into a track only bike or is it far too gone (bent frame etc) to used as a project bike?

  19. All the best for a speedy recovery (y).
  20. CrazyCamCrazyCam- the point I was trying to make is due to the OP sounding quite upset about losing his bike. There is an inherent risk on any track or race day whether you are surrounded by newby's or seasoned professionals. No use being upset after the event due to the bike being a write off.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad he's ok and wounds will heal.
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