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Boogieman Vs. Taxi!!! Taking all bets!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BoogieMan, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Thursday (17/02/05) started like any other ride to work when just a few blocks form work..... Disaster struck!!!!!!

    Heading west on collins street (between spencer and Elizabeth) just before 9am.... I pulled out around a black sedan that looked to be pulling over..... as I was beside the sedan I could see straight down the right hand side of the taxi van in fornt of me........ Then (what seamed) all of a sudden he threw in a U-turn and left me with very few options......

    I swerved to the left and would have gotten past...... but then he stopped leaving me just short of room for a miraculous escape!!......... I grabbed a fist full of front brake and cut off a good amount of speed (thankfully I wasn't going that fast to begin with) and then chaght the back left hand corner of his bumper.....

    I hit on the right front guard, fork, indicator, air intake cover and then my shin.... the bike I lay down softly enough to avoid any major damage (short of a few scratches to the cluch leaver and mirror..... and as I stepped over the bike my foot got stuck between the bike and the bumper...... thankfully my foot slipped from my shoe alowing me a gracfull run off from the bike and avoiding a fall......

    The taxi moved off and pulled over on the other side of the street...... I walked over and slipped my foot back into my shoe and picked up my bike and wheeled it over to the curb..... Another guy on a small cruiser pulled over and asked if I was alright (somone I hope reads this and knows my thanks as he didnt hang around for me to say it) ...... to which I at that moment replied.... "Yes.... but he's not goign to be!!!" Pointing at the taxi driver...... I stormed accross the road asking in a firm but slightly angry voice... "Do you not realise that is an Illeagal turn?!?!?!..." a question I asked at least 3 times..... to which his resposne came..... "DONT YOU SHOUT AT MY FACE!!!!! DONT YOU SHOUT AT MY FACE!!!!!" I tried to assertain if he actually knew he had caused an accedent but he continued to say "DONT YOU SHOUT AT MY FACE!!!!!" and then Promptly ordered me to Produce my licence saying GIVE ME Your licence!!!!!!!............

    I stood astounded as he then turned and crossed the road to get my Rego Number..... I followed himn accross the road... (Nearly being runover) and watched as he wrote down my details and asked for my licence again.... I opened up my wallet to show him (As my licence is quite difficult to get out at the best of times....) when he demanded that it be removed... I told him that it was stuck and he would just have to read it where it was and I held it while he took down my details.....

    I got his details at the same time and then he gave my bike a quick look over and asked where it was damaged..... I pointed out that the only obvious damage was the scuff marks on the guard fork and intake cover and the broken indicator lense.... (hadn't really had a chance to look it over at the time......) he then for the first and only time asked rather flippantly if I was injured.... and at the time I had a mild abration to my right shin that was bleeding a little.... to which he kinda cringed and then said "oh not too bad".... I gave him a sharp look and replied "Yeah I'll live" ......

    He then told me to give his details to the insurance and it would be sorted out .... Then pointign to my leg saying "Good luck with that".... he walked back to his taxi and drove off....

    I stood and organised my stuff trying to regain my composure when a guy walked up and noted that he had seen the whole thing and asked if I would like him as a witness.... To which I said "THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!!!" he gave me his card and queried me if I was alright.... I said that apart from my shin I was just a lil shaken and that I'm sure I'd manage....

    I loaded up and got on to see if my bike would start.... and thankfully it did..... I rode the extra 3 blocks to work and tended my wounds and then called my insurance company.....

    I've since spoken to two different police officers who reckon there is no way he could say that he was not at fault and that once the insurance Co. gets the details all will be fixed......

    I saw a doctor that arvo and on the whole there seems to be no major damage and I took the bike to my mechanic that said that the bike was still safe to ride... altho I'll not be doing too much of it for a lil while only when I hvae to.....
  2. Could have been worse, hope it all works out for you.
  3. At least you're alright. Plus, you have a witness - give their details to your insurance company and the whole thing will be nice and painless.

    Seems to be open season on motorcyclists at the moment - please try to stay safe out there everyone.
  4. Good to see you are ok and that you have covered all the bases.
  5. Now you know why I hate taxis so much ......maggots!
    they think they own the friggin road , and after nearly killing someone the insurance company gets to clean up the rest , there attitude is screw you as long as i get my next fare .

    BASTARDS .................. they should be all kicked off the road .

    I am glad to here you resonably OK , take care .
  6. Wonder if he turned off the meter during all this! Glad you & bike are ok. Just a tip claim on his insurance not yours then there's no chance it will affect your rating or your premium but it may affect his!

  7. Why?
    Depending on your insurance premium and most offer this now, you claim on your insurance since you have the other party's details and they will clean up the mess.
    You don't lose your premium OR the excess.
    If your insurance doesn't offer this service change insurers.
    (I have Western QBE rating 1 and have at fault no claim bonus protection to boot)
  8. glad you and the steed are relitavely ok mate

    if he is with RACV they will, had to make a no fault accident claim against another RACV insurance owner and i ended up loosing 1 rating after i was promised that it wouldnt affect my premium in any way.
  9. If it is not in writing then don't accept their insurance
    Mine says it there in black and white.
    You have /had grounds for appeal because they are always advertising no fault no loss of bonus insurance.
    (check the terms of your insurance)
  10. Good to here you and your bike are ok!

    Ive got family members that work at racv and rating points don’t mean as much as they used to, IF you make a clam it’s most likely not to drop your rating but the clam will be on your policy so you WILL pay more from it

    Nother friend just got his 1st car, never had insurance before but as he has been driving for over 10 years they gave him rating 1 (he got a 93 V6 Holden Apollo)

    From what ive worked out from talking to my sisters cost is based on what you drive (from ether how high a chance of crash from there statistics or cost of parts effects cost) and if you have made any clams. IF they give you a pricing that is Very costly its from them not really wanting your policy, BUT if your crazy enough to pay large amounts of cash then its worth there time

    PSS sluglie how long ago did they do that too you?
  11. Glad your ok Stu...hope it all gets sorted out without any fuss.
  12. oooo bugger!! Glad you're OK! You did better than me, with that much andrenalin thumping around I think I would have thumped him!

    I'm glad there's not BMW driving Taxi steerers around :shock:

    If I see taxi's up ahead, and they're strangely driving slow enough for me to catch up, then the alarms start ringing, and I start slowing!!!

    Hope the insurance works out OK, should be OK with a witness on your side

  13. april 2002, some woman reversed into the bike while it was parked, then her husband refused to pay up as the bill was $2,300 so got on to RACV, they advised me to make a 'no fault claim' and they would recoup the money from the other party with no detriment to my policy.\

    8 months later went to renew my policy and it had dropped from rating 1 to rating 2, when i enquired they said it was because i made a claim on my insurance (i also have the problem of RACV are the only insurance agent i can use as i dont have an aussie licence and nobody else will even consider giving me a quote)
  14. Thanks everyone, I'll be handing all the details over to my insurance Co. (Swann) tomorrow and get them to chace it up....

    I'm just pissed off that there are more annoying lil marks on my baby and I have to wait (for now at least) to get it all fixed.... but I know this much... any scratch or scuff on my bike will be shiny new after all this....... if not I'll have to remember where he lives :p (only kidding) ;)
  15. BoogieMan,

    Hope it all works out OK. Glad to hear you are not too poorly.

  16. Most Taxi drivers don't own the car they drive, so most won't give a stuff but it would effect their driving record as they have to or meant to be professional drivers, meaning they don't crash into people etc.

  17. Was it in writing?
    If it was in writing then you had very good grounds for appeal.
    Still do but you'd be back up to ratiing 1 now.
    Check the fine print.
  18. Confession time: I worked as a cabbie for a short time in 1994. And yes I drove like a prick. You're right Groberts, it was all about getting the next fare and screw everyone else. That's why I got out, before I caused damage or injury.

    Boogieman, glad your pretty much OK. Get yourself checked out by a competent doctor. You don't want something to crop up in six months that you haven't notified the insurance company about.
  19. what did he want to see your license? he's the idiot that caused the crash...
    and why are you going through your insurance company, he should be organising it all through his.
  20. Glad to hear you're OK Stew.