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NSW Boogie Board

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by PhilC, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. It's green, very very green.
    It's Hot and apparently in some way Buttered.
    It's large, about 43" long.
    It's difficult to carry on a motorcycle.
    It's in pretty good condition.
    It has a strap to help you stay attached to it when a wave hits you.
    It's in Drummoyne, you need to come to it.
    It may or may not assist you in scoring a hot boogie board riding chick, the existence of which is proved below.
    It may or may not be laughed at by "real" surfers.


    PM me for the board. No, I can't supply the chick.
  2. Does it come in a bag filled up with dope?
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  3. Boogie boards are to surfboards as scooters are to motorcycles.
    They're lame, unless a chick is riding one.
  4. No, but you're welcome to leave a bag full upon collection of said board of boogie.
  5. Hot chicks are completely welcome to come pick up this particular boogie board...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.