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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. You ever get one where you pull it out, and it feels like you're pulling a string out of your brain via your sinuses, and it kinda tickles?

    Those are the BEST. =D>
  2. Thanks. We really needed to know this.

    It's threads like these that remind me why I like NetRider.
  3. My shrink said I need to share more.
  4. Incidentally I tried to use the "thera pist" instead of shrink, but the filter changed it to the****** :rofl:
  5. Ooh... and then everything suddenly smells clear and airy like all is well with the world.

    You're right... They are the bestest.
  6. so clear...

  7. You asked!
  8. i once did that and it was about 20cm long, so i did a mass email and shit didnt it go worldwide lol

    sick people we are
  9. Nah, the small dried rocks that just wont budge, can evade even the craftiest fingernail but finally rocket out onto a surface or person a metre or two away are the best.
  10. its good flicking them on trucks, a part of u gets to travel australia wide for free :)
  11. There are issues though! See the quote in my sig... :)