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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by philbie, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    another new member ready to spill the beans on all my dramas and give out what little information and knowledge i have to the world.

    I am a little different to the "norm" (if there is one) at 36, i have no interest in sport - as i deal with it all day for my job. so my interest lies only in riding a motorbike for leisure.

    I have been riding for years and years, ride a BMW R1150RT (oh no I hear you say, an old mans bike) and yes I'm asked why at my young age - i really don't know what i want to ride, but i love it just the same.

    I am thinking of changing to a cruiser, love how harleys sound (but i know money can't buy you happiness) and have taken a liking to the Triumph Speedmaster and America. (yet another drama I must sort out)

    Safe riding --

    Oh, and i do nod at everybody......

  2. Welcome to the forums Philbie :applause:

    Sure there's plenty of experience you can share with us :)
  3. Welcome to Nedtrider, philbie. You sound like a man of eclectic tastes; very interesting.

    I guess a bigger, cruiser-y bike would be the best choice out there where the roads are long and flat and go on forever :LOL:.
  4. welcome to the forums philbie.....
  5. It doesn't really matter what you ride, Philbie - as long as you're enjoying yourself :)
  6. Welcome to the forums Philbie.

  7. Welcome Philbie