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boo boo(got my baby bak)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by boo, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Took a little spill over the weekend, the back tyre stepped out coming out of a left hander, which needless to say caused a chain reaction of other subconscious decisions they talk about in "twist of the wrist".
    Only thing I was concerned about was a tree :shock: that I was headed for & tried to wash off as much speed as I could.
    I had one of those moments where I thought to myself "I might be able to pull this off" & then :eek: "gee that's a loud noise" as the my helmet slid along the road.
    A little dazed & looking up at the sky I thought "I wonder when the...... ARGGGHHHHH!"
    This was followed by many expletives, self-deprecation & insistence for Pants (the mad hatter) & Scumbag to pick up my bike so I could see that damage. (priorities…) :LOL:
    A big thanks to my two favourite men for looking after me!
    For all you kiddies playing at home
    Laughing gas does not work!
    Gravel rash hurts like nothing I’ve ever felt before
    NEVER trust a bulk billed Dr to change your dressings! :evil:

    Other than that the bike is all cosmetics, thanks to all the beautiful people who rang out of concern, even all the way from Korea! Thanks guys :grin:

    Does anyone know if I have a rating one for life will that effect my premiums, bloody insurance jargon… I don't want to incriminate myself too much...
    Still smiling
  2. Re: boo had a boo boo

    Hi Boo, sorry to hear of your off, but glad to hear that you are relatively ok, can I ask what gear you were wearing ?
  3. Oh no! :(

    It's such a hot looking bike too!
    So you lowsided then?

    We need pics of bike + injuries :)
    Hope you heal as quickly as a CBR600RR gets to the speed limit!
  4. Sorry to hear about your off...but good to hear damage to you and your bike relatively cosmetic... :grin:

    Scumbag one of best people to have around when things go shifty... :grin:
  5. argh, yep i hate gravel rash too..... glad to hear that apart from that you sound like you got away without any other injuries which is always great to hear..... am sure you will have the bike back up and running in no time.
  6. Are you sayiong Scumbag and shifty go together? :p

    Anyway Boo, important thing is your OK! Bikes can be fixed.
  7. I sympathise with your fall, Ive been there. When I opened my eyes I though "i hope that snapping sound was the bike" No, twas my collar bone sticking out my jacket. But I got over it and picked the bike up anyway and got out of my jacket.

    I expect my pain was not as bad as gravel rash as thats a right Fooker to deal with.
    As for Bulk billed doctotrs, Pffffft.....your bones hardly broken he said Get over is and dont ride bikes.

    1 year later, titianium bolts and plates have been extracted. Fooking DR's

    Glad you have a smile on your face and its not so bad. If you got gravel rash on yer ass.......PICS PLEASE ?
  8. Sorry bout the off, glad nothing too major e.g. broken bike/bones. What about some pics to support your story. TTFN
  9. oopsie! hope you heal up ok... gravel rash is the worst!
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  11. Boohoo on your booboo, boo...
    O.K. I'll put the sarcasm away.
    Good thing it was only minor and cosmetic. Bikes can be repaired, heal up well and take care.
  12. On the net. :-k Back at work then sweetie? :)

    I hope you're feeling a little less sore now. :)
  13. HI Boo
    geepers girl i hope your Ok
    and back on the road again soon darl

    was it road conditions ?
    and If so where did it happen ?

    i think you have supply of helpers to rub soothing cream into your wounds :grin:
  14. How are the boobs, did the boobs survive and come out unscathed?
    2 favourite men?

    You say that to all the men you meet :p

    Ok ok, I'll be serious, Bugger. Glad you are ok then.
  15. Boo, you know you can safely call your insurer with "hypothetical" questions about how certain events might effect your premiums. :grin:

    Edid: Vic, yeah she says that to me too. :? :LOL: And the damage is mostly on the side. Boobs appear undamaged. :) Boo's insistence on wearing t-shirts meant I couldn't get an unobstructed view though. :LOL:
  16. Boo Boo

    Ooooo! Bugger! Hope you're OK.
  17. damn... well atleast your insured that is a bright side trust me!
  18. Not your blade... NNNOOOOooooooooooooooooo.........!! Hopefully you came off from having fun and playing too hard, and nothing rediculously embarrassing :LOL: . Well wishes to you and your bike.
  19. Boo, glad you're okay.

    I don't think it'd affect your premiums, as I've got R1 for life too on my car and I've had an accident whcih was purely my fault, and my premiums hasn't gone up this year (just paid it.)

    May pay to call and check, like Seany says to check. :)
  20. Crap! What a bugger. Oh well...glad to hear you're okay though.