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NSW bonus point today to unrestricted licences

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Jan 1, 2011.

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  2. 6 months from now the points incurred for breaking traffic laws will go up
  3. I'd accuse you of being overly cynical but I sadly agree with you.

  4. meh bureaucrats give 1 inch with one hand and take 6 inches with the other hand
  5. They just went through a big effort to massively reduce the points you accrue from breaches so that they can fine you more often, i can't see them working to reverse that any time soon.~
  6. as i said give with one hand take with the other
  7. And yet a P-plater still incurs a 3-month holiday for looking sideways at the speed limit.
    I was hoping we'd get the extra point too :(
  8. This was to bring them Inline with other states, so they probably won't move.

    I think that we will just see more safety cameras.
  9. Controlling 'the youth' is one of their greatest priorities.
  10. I dont think 1 more point would help the P plater fun that happened today...

    Said green P-plater in crappy bommodore has likely lost his licence from overtaking me.
    Had been tailgating me (in my cage) for about 5km... was just ignoring him... but then, up a hill, totally blind to the other side, and he overtook me just before the crest, on double lines. His good fortune that there wasnt a truck coming the other way, but there was a speed trap/RBT set up on the flat on the other side... his bad fortune.
    Rather friendly young female policewoman who performed the RBT on me informed me that he was clocked doing 138kph in a 90 zone. Also double demerits... i suspect he will lose his licence for quite a while.

    I was allowed to leave a moment later, and gave a coy wave to the p plate moron who was in a heated argument with the cops, and for some reason was pointing at me... (i was doing 90... and nothing wrong at all...).

    Hill in question.

    Friendly young reasonably attractive policewoman had a nice rack and i couldnt stop staring at it. She caught me looking and smiled :D. Damn being in a relationship sometimes! (another i hope the missus doesnt find when she gets back next weekend :p).
  11. Don't get me wrong: in 10 months I'll be of a completely different opinion - I'll be off my bike P's and my son will be on his in the cage!
    As an old phart it's kinda frustrating sometimes though, being treated like a kiddie again.
  12. Im not exactly an old fart... but at 27, i feel like i should be entitled to a beer or two at the pub with mates, and then be allowed to ride home :p.
    Aint stupid enough to get remotely near drunk, let alone pleasantly pissed and then hop on a bike... but a couple beers... no harm done.

    P.S. 3 months... 1 week... some days... for me to go. Not going to upgrade right away, just get the full licence. Am likely moving to QLD a month later, so the bucks are needed ;).
    Shortly thereafter though :D bike is high on the list of things to get/upgrade/whatever.