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Bonneville for me???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by SlowRider, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Howdy all,

    For a while now i have been looking around for what my next bike should be. For literally years i have been dreaming about hopping onto a CBR600RR or a GSXR600 and riding off into the sunset to be forever happy in the wonderful world that exists in my head.

    However, after looking through pretty much only sports bikes for some time, my eye happened to drift for a small moment and i spotted a new Triumph Bonneville T100. I instantly fell in love with this gem.

    My question though, What are everyones thoughts on these bikes? Has anyone on here ridden or own one and could provide some true rider insight into what its like to live with such a bike?

    I have searched for some reviews on the net and it appears on a few occassions they are reviewed at the same time as a HD Sportster. Now i have never been really into Harleys or cruisers in general, but the Bonny just looks the goods and to me doesn't come across like a stereotypical cruiser.

  2. Awesome sauce.

    Horsepower you can use, a riding position that won't make your nuts numb and it looks as cool as lugers.

    I rode one a while ago when I was suffering from 400cc manlihood embarassment and it was great. Steered well, went well, stopped well. And it seems whatever people want to turn them into they look the goods. They need a bit of a cleanup as they come stock though.

    But yeah, cool bike. Fantastic all-rounder.
  3. I test rode one. Usable power, steady handling and ok brakes are slightly offset by rather a top heavy feel to the bike. This is all relative to a modern standard type bike, compared to most cruisers they stop and handle great.

    Having said that if you want sports bike performance you shouldn't be looking at this sort of bike as they are more about how they sound and how they look than how they go (even though as I said they go fine).

    FWIW I prefer the engine sound from the 270 degree version in the Scrambler even though you lose another few horse power.
  4. I bought an '04 Thruxton, which is basically a Bonnie variant, in April last year. I love it. Previous bikes were SV650S, FZR600 etc.

    It gets ridden to work every day, and the very occasional* bit of Sunday scratching.

    It's no sports bike but I've had it up to 180 km/h and have seen off my share of 600cc sportsbikes on the twisties. It handles pretty well as long as you're aware of its limitations.

    So far it's been completely reliable, it sounds awesome and looks great.

    The whole Bonneville line looks good and I agree with you that they ain't a stereotypical cruiser. Actually I wouldn't call a Bonnie a cruiser at all. Plus they have waaaay more street cred than a Harley!


    * Due to lack of time, not lack of enthusiasm.
  5. I love it when people are randomly on my wavelength and ask questions before I do!

    Seriously, I've just got my opens, was initially coveting a Suzuki SV650, but decided to have a look at what else was out there and fell in love with the Boneville T100. SlowRider, you beat me to it!

    I'll be watching this thread closely to see what the feedback from other NR members is.
  6. I've sat on the Bonnie a few times and every time the footpegs dig directly into the side of my calves. It may be just me, but I couldn't buy one on that alone.

    I think the Triumph designers missed the point a little with this bike. It's about 20kg heavier than it should have been. The old British twins were tiny compared to these things.

    The Speedmasters appear to be holding their value well.

    The Thruxton is more comfortable than it looks and it now has bars instead of clip-ons, which makes it that muck more versatile.

    Have you seen the WR650? Not worth the money being asked for them IMO, but if you like the Bonnie you should at least look at these.
  7. That might be you, I don't remember anything like that. How tall are you? That'd shit me up the wall if it happened to me.

    Spot on. The W650 looks far more 'right' and in proportion to me. The Bonnie is still pretty neat though.
  8. 5' 11" not long legged and yeah it's probably just me, though the pegs did seem overly wide for a twin.

    The Thruxton's rearsets are much more tucked in. They are not radically to the rear either from memory. I think I'd commute on a Thruxton before I'd do it on a Bonnie.
  9. LOL funny... i was just at PS on the weekend ogling potential new bikes and drifted from the sports bikes to have a look at the thruxton and the bonneville. Very, very cool i have to say. I wouldn't buy one as a primary fun machine as i think i'm still hooked on sports but as a second bike or commuter i'd grab one in a second.