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Boney M!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Does anyone else have a soft spot for this band? Oh boy! I loved their music when I was a kid. So funky! I'd almost forgotten they existed!
    It's been ages since I heard one of their songs, so imagine my delight when I was in the music store today and saw a newly released Boney M album on display.

    I played it in the car all the way home - sat at the traffic lights in Dandenong with Daddy Cool and Ma Baker up way too loud and two teenage daughters cringing in the back. :LOL: Geez....How could they not love this stuff???? :roll: :LOL:

    Rosie :cool:
  2. yeah, Rivers of Babylon and Rasputin . . . somehow they have made it on my IPOD !! :shock:

    I saw the video clip to Rasputin on Rage one night !!
    Man, what drugs were they on during the 70's !!!

    I'm not as old as you though Rosie !!

    And !!
    How do I become a V-Squad member !!! :LOL:
  3. Brown girl in the ring...traaaa lalalala....... :LOL:

    We're quite selective with our members Mickyb. ;) You've got to ride a very special bike. Do you ride a very special bike? :?: I don't think so. :p :LOL:
  4. BTW, how old are you Mickyb?
  5. but, but . . . . I have two V-twins !
    So doesn't that qualify ?
  6. I don't know what you're talking about.

    ...oh, those rrrrussians....
  7. but she new how to die ... at least se tought her 4 sons to handel there guns :grin:
  8. Rasputin is one song you can bogan-dance to pretty easily !!! :rofl:
    :LOL: hahahaha
  9. Sorry Rosie, but ten years ago... I was cringing in the back of my father's car with Boney M on high rotation.

    I have my deepest sympathy for your daughters. :p
  10. Don't own an ipod but Rasputin is on my Winamp playlist.... rather cool in a daggy, "i'm fed up with current music" kind of way :grin:
  11. Loz...come out of the closet and 'bogan' dance with me and Mickyb! :dance: :LOL:

    Camhornet - that's what you get for being a kid and not driving. The rule is that the driver gets to choose the music. Luckily for me my parents had cool taste in music (re: Boney M :LOL: )

    whitelighter - was listening to the lyrics to Ma Baker today - cacking myself laughing.

    Sorry mate. =; Rules are rules. :deal: Come back when you've got the goods.

    :p :LOL:

    Drew said:
    Exactly!!! Is how I am the moment.
  12. I'd see a doctor about that :?
  13. Err...NO! Boney M were sent here to torment me.

    "Bloody hell! I'm going to die to Boney M!" -- Joe Simpson, Touching the Void
  14. Its funny seeing guys trying to do that cossack dance while pissed !! :rofl:

    Not that i'm admitting to it or anything !

    But i do have the goods !!
    Ask V1 !! :grin:
  15. This is my permanent state of mind....... i couldn't even name anyone in the top whatever charts. What is it these days anyway..top 10, 30??

    general playlist is full of older stuff like Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and Jethro Tull. And as much celtic stuff as i can fit in a playlist. There are a few "modern thing i have but few and far between.
  16. :rofl: Saw that. Brown girl in the ring ...poor guy!
  17. Do I have a soft spot for Boney M?

    Yes. It's called a lime-pit.
  18. Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooooooo ](*,)
  19. Geeez, all the BoneyM closet cases are out !

    How about Timberlake ?
    Anyone has a soft spot for him ?
  20. Lmao...I lurve Boney M... :LOL:

    When I was backpacking in Melbourne 2000 I'm pretty sure a mate of mine told me they were touring around the time of my birthday - we were gonna go along and get down and boogie - but I think I went to Sydney instead and missed the show... :cry:

    They had so many cool songs that you dont always realise you know until you hear them.... :grin: