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Boneo Rd Flinders and The Esplanade Mornington

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by MelbourneMick, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Went for a ride around the Peninsula today.

    Boneo rd, heading towards Cape Shank (just after the Meakins Rd t-intersection) when you get to the bendy bits there is a huge amount of oil on the road. There is a sign advising of this but it is about 200meters AFTER the oil starts

    Most of The Esplanade in both directions is blocked off for roadworks so the 'fun' between Martha Cove and Mornington is detoured for now.
  2. Think the road keeps falling into the sea!
  3. Also in that area, that new round about on the Nepean highway and White Hill road I think it is in Dromana, there is a lot of gravel and stones, and if your uncareful like myself it is very easy to bin the bike :(
  4. for the esplanade, its not all blocked off, there is a detour up some road, and then you hang a right.. go up the road a bit, then you go down this steep hill, and at the bottom of the hill it greets you with gravel some pot holes and a lake of water.

    then you continue on the rest of the esplanade as normal through safety beach.. but yeh half of it is blocked off (the fun bits as you said haha) , a few weeks back there was a land slide or whatever..

    didn't surprise me, the road is falling apart at the minute.. and these temporary fixes are shithouse, i need to go down boneo road and see if they fixed the massive craters.
  5. I took Boneo Rd from Cape Shank to Rosebed and it seemed pretty good. No massive holes
  6. and make sure you take that first detour, I tried to be smart and go through thinking is might be passable on a bike. The road is half open to let local residents in. However you come to a point that is completely blocked off and there is a road leading off to the left. It starts out ok but quickly becomes dirt. You eventually come out on the original detour road but the dirt was very slippery and damp. It made a terrible mess all over my shiny new bike :cry:
  7. haha i didn't even bother trying that, just took the detour.. its a bit further and the hill and the stuff at the bottom of the hill is pretty sketchy, so don't be a hero and go fast down it..
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  8. Dang, Glad it started to get cold and windy this arvo which put me in a whimpy mood. I was going to head to Kawasaki in Mornington, the fun way of course!
    Might have to check this more often!
    There's a million potholes here on the peninsula. They keep filling them every 4 weeks in my street and outside our house!
  9. This oil sign has been out for weeks , did you actually see any rainbows. I lead SM's ride thro there about a month or more ago and a few turns into the fun the sign popped up so I slowed dramatically and stood the bike up but neither I nor pillion saw an y slippery shit.
  10. yeah there had been a slight shower before we got there and there were some pretty colours in the corners