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Bond got bowled over today!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bond Girl, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. Quietly working away today with Bond parked in front of me when some some old knobhead in a hilux crew cab just backed right over him! I was ready to kill him but as Bond didn't seem seriously injured (still waiting to have him thoroughly inspected) only superficial from what I can tell & still rideable. Got his details although he was reluctant cause the motor still works! So if I kicked in all his doors would he say it was ok cause it was still driveable! Reported it to Knox police so now just waiting to see what the thorough inspection reveals!

  2. He has broken a road rule. Simple, insist that he is charged.
    The offence is "reversing whilst unsafe" or someshit.

    It carries a decent fine and proves to the in-sewer-ants that he was at fault.

    Happened to me when some 4WD backed into the MX5.

    He was fined.
  3. sue ,
    as vic said , can this plick
    if he was reluctant to hand over details you may need everything to help get it fixed , he is probly un-insured .
  4. I'm hoping to keep it civil at this stage but as I have reported it I've kept the doors open!
  5. dont be civil, charge him , so you let him know you wont be screwed around
  6. Bond girl won't do the charging. The police will, if they think that there is just cause. In any case, she's done the right thing. As if she makes a claim and names the other driver, and notes that the police have been informed of the incident, it means that it'll be easier for the insurer to go the other guy, and even though she's making the claim, it won't affect her NCB, if she has one.
  7. Sue - Oh no not Bond, not the Nighthawk. Hope he is made spick and span and you're both on the road again soon
  8. I hope Bond is not too badly damaged, good that you got all the details of the so and so that hit you, makes it much better for your insurance.
  9. Sorry to hear about this Bondgirl....hopefully your bike is ok...and if not make the bastard pay :twisted:
  10. Some people just shouldn't have licenses :cry:

    Which repairer is bond at? I wanna send flowers :LOL:

  11. Hey Sue, It must have been a nightmare, standing there and watching your precious Bond go down :shock:

    Hope it all works out ok. Look on the bright side....... you weren't sitting on it at the time :LOL:
  12. Terrible news, I hope the bike will be OK.

    Just be bloody grateful you weren't on Bond when it happened...

    If you've given all the details to the police, let them sort him out. No need to give yourself more grief than necessary.
  13. Bummer - at least you weren't on the bike.

    Hope all damages get sorted quickly.
  14. OCD Racing
    14 Burlington St
    Oakliegh 3166
    0408 491 668
  15. Not good Sue, I hope Bond is okay and I'm glad you weren't on the bike at the time.

    :D :D
  16. Don't worry, he's made of stern stuff. It's only a flesh wound!

    (Glad to hear you're in one piece, Sue)
  17. don't worry Sue, if he's the original Bond nuffin can hurt him, but if he's the new poofie Bond......sorry
  18. Sue

    Glad to hear that you were not on the bike at the time!

    I am sure it would have been a horrible sight!

    Hope Bond is back up to speed shortly

  19. Sorry to hear that, hope you + Bond are back on the road soon. -s.
  20. Update Mike has given him a good going over & apart from a few abrasions nothing major wrong! Bent clutch lever & side stand which will need to be addressed asap as he's technically unroadworthy!Grazes on side of can,seat & rear cover, small shallow dent in tank hard to spot though all of which is of lesser importance. Decided to approach numpty to pay cash to replace clutch lever & repair side stand & call it quits. If he won't then I'll have no recourse but to go the insurance co (his not mine) option & fix everything. Don't really want the hassle of ins co & will cost him more in excess so hopefully he'll be reasonable! Lucky Bond is made of tuff stuff! P.S. Nobby he's a '92 model midnight blue with the pinstriping!