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Bonang, Snowy and Riverina - a five day beauty!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Pterodactyl, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. G'day All.

    For reasons of little interest this ride was planned, on another forum, as the "Not The Snowy Ride". Six riders, five days, good roads and good company – "Ahh, this will be Nirvana", I thought. With days to go it was as though I had farted in the phone box. Everyone bailed out and I was by myself.

    Anyway, to cut the proverbial long story, I did the ride solo. Heavily modified to suit my desire to ride the Braidwood - Cooma Rd., the Bonang Rd., and the Omeo highway. Three of the four nights away I camped out, the exception being the third night when my intention to camp at the Anglers Rest Camping Ground was thwarted by the mother of all thunderstorms. Very heavy rain, hail and an early darkness convinced me that rather than push on to Anglers Rest, the Snug As A Bug in Omeo was a better option than a very wet ride and and then setting up my tent in the rain and blackness. Smart move.

    Day 1: Sydney to Braidwood. http://goo.gl/maps/hJM7P
    Hot as Hades and heavy traffic on the Bells Line. Oberon to Crookwell gave me the chance to blow the cobwebs from the catalytic converter. Camped at Warri Campground just short of Braidwood. Got the hoochie erected and then sipped Bundy in the company of some very hospitable grey nomads while the first of the evening's thunderstorms blew over.

    Day 2. Braidwood to Delegate River Camp. http://goo.gl/maps/JB3iV
    I have wanted to ride the Braidwood - Cooma Rd for some time and the wait was well rewarded. Interesting ride with about thirty kilometers of gravel/dirt through the Deua National Park. Light rain and then some mist made for an interesting ride through a rather remote area. The CB is not the world's greatest adventure bike but it works. Washed the mud off at Cooma Shell. The Cooma - Jindabyne run short with some nice corners, most of the sweeping variety. Jindabyne to Bombala completed at licence burning pace. The first section of the Bonang is a beaut and whetted the appetite for Day 3. To get to the Delegate River Camp I did more dirt and some timber trail. Interesting. Cold, clear and lonely night. Bundy bottle beginning to look like replenishment required.

    Day 3. Delegate River to Omeo. http://goo.gl/maps/ckoke
    If any of you haven't ridden the Bonang then put it on the bucket list. Dumbed down by some very conservative speed limits but just riding at what I think some call 'the pace" is, in itself, a challenge. By the time I was approaching Orbost the rain began, building into a massive thunderstorm which moved in from the south just after Bruthen. It dumped very cold air and truly pissed down with intermittent hail. Those "golf balls" were a tad painful on the (my) leading edges and didn't do much for the CB's fuel tank either. Torn between stopping and sitting it out, or continuing. The combination of night, rain, twisties, kangaroos and wombats can be lethal. However, it looked like a long one and was getting very dark so pushed on to the Snug As A Bug (B and B in Omeo). Hot shower, beer, food, Bundy nightcap and the world was once again a good, good place. Mud washed from bike by nature's own car wash!

    Day 4. Omeo to Gundagai (Camp). http://goo.gl/maps/y3hDS
    The Omeo Highway is a great ride but some roadworks for about twenty kilometers. The works are at the compacting the dirt stage so with the wet from the night before it was like riding on clay coloured ice. Slow and very, very careful. Not a good place to go over the edge with no back up.
    The rest to Gundagai was standard except chasing a couple of local boys from Albury to Gerogery. This made up for the very, very boring Olympic highway to Wagga. Oura Road to Gundagai also a good "quicky". Replenished the Bundy bottle in Gundagai and enjoyed a clear warm night under the stars. Had an interesting campfire yarn with a couple of heavily recreationalised German backpackers.

    Day 5. Gundagai to Sydney http://goo.gl/maps/uv8ex
    Boorowa to Crookwell is one of my favourites. After Crookwell, rain, rain and more rain. The Hume real wet and windy. Thats life!

    If you are interested a (very) few photos at:
    i am not a photographer but I guess it's "photos or it didn't happen". I also get carried away by the ride and generally, at the end of a long day, I have that "Shouda stopped and got a photo" feeling.

    Cheers, and I better stay out of the phone box for the WSBK ride (Sydney to Phillip Island via the Snowy), Tony
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  2. Good write up , Tony , sounds like you had fun !
  3. Sounds good. Just a couple of suggestions for any future adventures this way.

    From Culcairn head to Morven-Cookardinia-Mangoplah-Wagga. It's less boring than the Olympic. At Culcairn, instead of turning left after the rail line, go straight ahead. Turn left after Morven then left again at Cookardinia.

    Alternate 1 take the Murray Valley Hwy from Wodonga to Corryong then cut across to Tumbarumba-Tumut- Gundagai

    Alternate 2 - take the River Road from Albury to Jingellic. From there either Holbrook-Mangoplah-Wagga-Nangus-Gundagai or Tumbarumba-Tumut-Gundagai.
  4. Sounds like a great trip .. though the weather wasn't good at times, its still great to get out and about

    Coupla questions:

    Iv'e done a day trip through Taralga and back home a few times and wondered about the road through crookwell to goulburn. Is it sealed ??

    Is the road from Braidwood to cooma tar all the way as well ??

    I might go for a weekend that way using your planner though at goulburn I'd head down Windemalla Rd the use the Nerriga Rd turnoff back to Braidwood.
  6. Thanks b12mick. I will put those in My Maps and ride them in the New year.

    I like the Snowy and generally go down via Oberon - Braidwood or Nowra way. As a kid I used to stay with a school friend who lived out by Oura rd (Hareenyha area) so, for old times sake, often return via Wagga and Oura Rd to Gundagai. Oura Rd. (as I am sure you know) is in itself not a bad ride. I then generally proceed to Sydney via Harden, Boorowa and Crookwell (or Boorowa, Wyangala and then Woodstock). The beer in the Boorowa pub is easy to put down so have stayed there once or twice.

    Once again thanks for the info.

  7. No worries glad to help. There are some good back roads around here that you can take that won't add too much time to the ride. But some are very typical NSW back roads and very narrow - I like them, but others do not.
  8. Sounds like an awesome trip bud, the Bonang is definitely on my bucket list.
  9. Thanks for the info, I'm not a huge fan of dirt, though it looks like it's worth the effort :)
  10. You're spot on about the Bonang. I'd heard good things about it but man, it really is worth the trip out to do 90km of twisties. Beautiful scenery too.