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Bonang Hwy to be a permanent 80kmh zone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chillertek, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. will the sudden reduction in speed limits be followed by safety cameras
  2. The Bonang I am not too concerned. The Police or private contractors will never stake it out, its a matter of cost vs return. If they put speed cameras up then the elusive Bunyips of the wilderness will deal with them They are known to be antagonistic to such technology.

    The others are an attempt to hide poor road maintenance under a safety scheme and should be exposed as such. Perhaps the Bunyips will take an interest in those signs as well.
  3. So i can speed up there next month on my way to Brissy
  4. Chris pretty much nails it.

    Easier to reduce the limit under the guise of 'safety' than actually correct the dangers using money.
  5. "Motosickles not welcome in these heeah parts." :cry:
  6. the thing i dont get here is how reducing the speed limit by 20kmh will make this safer. hitting some of this stuff at 80kmh is still going to mess you up...

    i dont get the logic, but then im not that good with physics either- im not even sure how to spell it ;)
  7. phsyics is the same as phoenetics-fvcked up spelling
  8. Enforcing unwelcome road users out of the area = crashing on someone else's patch.