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Bonang Hwy conditions? Orbost to Bombala

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Speed Dealer, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Has anyone ridden the Bonang Hwy from Orbost towards to Bombala recently? Wikipedia says it's mostly well maintained gravel? Is is this true or is it sealed? I know it's not a perfect road, with blind corners and gravel/tree debris littering the road, but if it's not sealed we'll take another route.

  2. Haven't done it recently but it is sealed most of the way. There is about 20k of gravel on the NSW side which is usually good quality. Great road, you have to do it. :)

    Edited Later: @TWEET@TWEET has a shot in the Photos from your ride thread so I think he has done it recently.
  3. Not done it recently Chris, 3 weeks to go.

    It is a generally pretty good sealed surface from Orbost until about 11km out of Delegate ( it doesn't go to Bombala but road from Delegate to Bombala is sealed) and then 2 dirt patches into delegate.
    Dirt has always been easy and in good condition on every occasion I have ridden it.
    If you are heading to Jindy for the Snowy Ride, it is the easiest and most direct route from Orbost and to skip it would be to miss out.
  4. I last did it in May, it had some fire damage, (road signs and the road itself in places). There had been some resealing done and there was a lot of loose gravel left over. But it was signposted so no drama. I imagine it would be pretty right by now.

    There are two unsealed sections, about 7km of dirt in NSW just before the border, and about 15?km of gravel in Vic not long after the border. It's never been any drama for me, but the NSW section might be a bit of a challenge with heavy rain.

    It is a must do road.
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